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Another example of liberal/fascist/progressive ideology. Their mantra: "By any means necessary." They can't win on merit, they can't win on philosophical grounds, and they can't win on facts, so they use subterfuge, character assassination, distortion and misdirection. They have no idea the damage they're doing - to this country, to the cause of Liberty, or even to their own souls - nor do they care. It is amazing to me that most of these people still consider themselves righteous, upstanding, ethical, moral and/or Christian. They have never met a fact they couldn't ignore.

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I must admit, I teared up while reading your essay. That happens a lot: when I'm saying the Pledge of Allegiance, when I see a convoy of military vehicles carrying our future to or from deployment, when I see a C117 fly over doing take-off-and-landing exercises. I commute past both an Army base and an Air Force base, and I frequently come face-to-face in the surrounding communities with these courageous people, and I admit, I choke back tears of pride when I extend my hand to shake theirs, every one my hero.
On this day, your birthday, 10 November 2009, I salute you, the United States Marine Corps, for your unwavering dedication: to your Credo - Semper Fi - Fidelity Forever; to your brothers-in-arms; to our country; and to your oath, many times proven beyond human endurance, to "Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America."
Thank you for giving me the freedom to misspend my youth and the inspiration to redeem my life in my old age. God bless the USMC.

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What? You huffing braindeads didn't see this coming? There is always a price to pay for free government giveaways. Somewhere in that wonderful lifesaving 'medical pot' agreement is the fine print that gives up your sovereignty. Get real: if you're a stoner - medical or recreational - I'd rather not have you armed anywhere near me or mine.

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Spoken like a true self-delusional self-important elitist twit - Matt Damon, is that you?

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I applaud your courage for having outed yourself as an unapologetic Conservative in the Land of Liberal Lunacy. I pray for your continued excellent work in the career you have chosen.