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A month worth of posts into a 4 year comic? Oh well, fair enough. So long!

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Actually, yeah. The Emperor's New Groove has kind of influenced how I draw llamas; I just love how they designed 'em ^_^

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It will update on the new site. Keep an eye there in the next few weeks for an official update. :)

This site, however, will NOT update. Please update your bookmarks/RSS/etc.

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Don't worry about it, Zork. While I AM only changing directions for multiple business and financial reasons rather than quit "because of some boy" (I'm guessing he hasn't read my blog posts on the subject), I'd rather not have such negativity follow me to the new site. :) I'd much rather just focus on creating something new and awesome for people who appreciate it.

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A lot of these questions are answered over at my new site but to repeat, yes retro games are fine. THey say "videogames" on the site, but I've seen people play charades, board games, card games, etc. So really as long as you're playing SOMETHING for the full 24 hours, you're fine. Also, they do say that the 8am-8am is a suggestion, you CAN start later if you need to.

As for joining the team, if you sign up at, when you're filling out your information there will be an option for you to select your team. Just pick "BPD Army" when you get to it. :)

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I believe everyone deserves a second chance, so long as they earn it. I know how much of a pain in the ass I can be sometimes, so it'd feel hypocritical of me to not at least give him a shot if he really wants it bad enough.

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Not Starcraft at all, sorry. just Warhammer 40K, which came at least a decade first.

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And why on earth would I take YOUR side? I don't know what happened. All I DO know is that you're being an uber-agressive dick about it. The way your sounding here, it sounds like they might've had a damn good reason to ban you.

So yeah. Zero interest in telling anyone to "fuck off" on behalf of random commenter I don't know.