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Bees know!!

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So Rush has it right.... SLUT!

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How many spinoffs came as a result of Drudge and HuffPo? Two Andrew helped put on the map before building his empire!? Breitbart was definitely an influence on many bloggers whether they realize it or not! Speaking of fight... Radical left, wants a fight? Lets give them a WAR!

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WOW!!!! I'M IN COMPLETE SHOCK!!!! This site is where I started message.... Im speechless he was so young!

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Now one would hope some of you would get the hint why a 3rd party run is dangerous. Is this not enough are you not paying enough at the pumps? Lets be clear neither face of the progressive beast has any intentions of solving our oil dependency problem, but the left loves to capitalize off of it.

None of this should be a surprise btw, as this vid shows he is keeping all his promises. America you just didnt want to listen to many of us ringing the warning bells in '08 about him. That said you are going to have to trust us this election year as well. We are hammering the warning bells with sledgehammer on many issues (including certain politicians who have not ruled out 3rd party run) NO ONE can be permitted to go 3rd party, to do so will guarantee BHO's 2nd term. Whomever gets the GOP nomination must have 100% support of the people Obama his polices must go!

Nov 12 is your last shot America to stop this systematic destruction of America....

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I like Gingrich BUT his praise of progressives calling himself a realpolitik wilsonian etc is beyond concerning.

Paul and Romney are working together IMO. It would not surprise me if Romney went all the way won and one of his first cabinet appointments is Paul. He is using Paul to attack Santorum and has anyone taken notice Paul NEVER goes after Obama like the others. I think tonight is the first time I actually heard him say something about Obama. still though nothing like what the others have done over the last few months.

Regardless of who wins the nomination 2 things must be made clear:
1) Whomever it is must MUST have 100% support
2) No one can make or even suggest a third party run.. to do so will be the end of us all!

Of these four remaining any one of them as bad as some of their policies maybe is a heck of a lot better than the marxist in the White House. Oh and consider this, taking Obama out is also like sticking a stake in the chest of progressives liberal movement along with all the trolls they are paying to start online fights and pass around bad info!! TAPGW

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Lets put this to rest Obama as of now is a "christian" following Liberation Theoology aka Black Liberation Theology. We know this is fact because Obama sat in Rev Wrights church for over 20 years, and Wright is a hardcore Liberation Theologian.

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So I have a question which pack of DC progressives changed the holiday? Correct me if Im wrong but didn't we use to "celebrate" their actual birthdays? If so clearly someone had a problem with 2 days and decided to group them together but then made it worse in honoring these two great men now its a day to honor all Presidents birthdays from Washington to Obama!!! That also means Carter, FDR, Woodrow Wilson and some others who were not so hot in retrospective!!

So I'd like to know which progressive, you know one of them had to have a problem with it, started this collective celebration? Our history is being changed on the fly in subtleties under the radar until one day there arent ppl like myself who will say hey wait a minute when was it changed!! TAPGW

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This woman and her ilk are the real demons... pure evil. Look up the things she has said there is more than enough proof to support my opinion. Why are so many conservatives and patriotic Americans in a catatonic state as of late? This silence and complacency will be the end of us all I swear I feel alone at times...... TAPGW

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Thanks for the PingBack, "and violent intimidation tactics (yet a..", Christian on my occupy DC page!!