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I am surprized to see that the Anna Nicole story is winning the "vote".. I'm just glad that the child seems to be loved.. I just saw the news where the D.A. is saying the Howard K. Stern was an "enabler"..I agree, but if you know anything about drugs & alcohol addiction.. the enabler is just as "sick" as the addict, and to make a criminal case against Stern is in itself "criminal"... Just my opinion...

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Sounds like you are having a hard time with it... My Mrs. has had 8 fusions, and the hell of it is, the medications are taking a toll on her heart, kidneys, and liver... The only thing I can tell you is that if you can avoid surgery.. AVOID it.. Go to a neuro surgeon instead of an orthopedic doctor.. That is the biggest mistake we made... Neuro surgeons have a much better success rate.. I will honestly keep you in my prayers!!! ..

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Good choice:)
The "Paragons" and "Jesters" and the "Heartbeats".. and on and on.. Greatest music of all time!!

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Everything went well:) "Luckily" the call back rate had risen, so as I entered into what I thought might be a bad situation...I instead was greeted with a handful of recalls and a shriek of: "Thank goodness!..Now, make these go away!!".. Sometimes it's not all that bad being old:)

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Back to work today, after a work related injury... With the present economy... Wonder what the "welcome wagon" will look like...

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No surgery... A lot of PT. I'm going back to work tomorrow, but I will be going to PT twice a week.
I fell on the ice in January:( Stay away from surgery if you can! My wife had surgery (back) in the 1980's... She has had many back operations since, and is in agony most of the time...

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Thank you, and all the ladies who have been so great to talk with. It has made my recovery a bit easier:)
Hey Guys: __Here is a link to Janice Dean's Blog ...You know her as "Janice Dean the weather machine" at Fox __She has pictures of her new baby posted. Have a look and drop her a note:) __

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"Saw" a reply from you from another thread, but I had to get it from my e-mail.. I don't like this format, but I'm finally able to go back to work tomorrow ( back injury) so, I won't be around much.. ( maybe evenings).. Have fun!!

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I would like to believe you are right...however, as long as the Press treats these vermin as though they were covered in teflon, don't count on much changing...
If you happen to watch any MSM news, you will not see much about anything.. Hell, Olberman and his rat pack are still Bush bashing!!... It's the middle of March!! Time to finally talk about Obama's sorry record..