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There was a saying that "You could smell a copper a mile off" and I still think this is true. The first time I saw Eddy Butler, several years ago, I said that I thought that he was Special Branch or at least some sort of state agent. I am even more convinced about this now, in the light of what has happened. That is my opinion, I don't know what others think.

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That weapon was the ATOMIC BOMB! The only problem for them (and lucky for us) was that they didn't get it ready in time.

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If Nick goes, then the party is finished, as half of the membership and activists will go. After all Nick has done to get the party where it is, surely he can be forgiven the odd mistake. Five years ago, you hardly heard the BNP mentioned in the media and certainly our policies, such as immigration and British Jobs etc. were not mentioned. Now they are constantly discussed and the attacks against the BNP have increased many fold, meaning that the establishment are worried. The only thing bringing the party down is this constant bitching, if there is a problem then those concerned should bombard the chairman with constructive e-mail complaints. I get the feeling that 10% of the so-called supporters are now government agents. They couldn't do any more damage if they were anyway.

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Watched part one and two. This is barbaric, there is no other word for it! It is bad enough to have to abort for medical reasons, but to practice this evil on demand is as bad as anything the Nazis did as well as being treason to one's race and country.

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The time for politics is rapidly fading, because of infiltration, lies, corruption and dirty tricks. The time for action is almost upon us, for as you can see from events in other countries, this is the only way to get things changed when all democratic avenues are blocked. When the boiler bursts the elites and media will only have themselves to blame. You cannot ignore the wishes if the people for ever and the boiler is leaking at the seams, it only needs a weak point to fail then it will burst. God help us all, it won't be pretty.

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£10 sent via Paypal. The very least I could do for a man defending my party's property.

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Why not re-join then and show your commitment? Like it or not, politics takes money, loads of it if you want to succeed.

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The USA and the West are part-way through a campaign of replacing the leaders of oil producing countries with leaders and governments sympathetic to the West. If possible, establishing military bases in or near to those countries. This is to secure for the USA, and possibly the rest of the West, the remaining dwindling major oil deposits. Most of the trouble in this region has most likely been stirred up by the CIA or similar to enable the excuse for military action. It has nothing to do with protecting citizens, they don't give a damn for people.

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Western governments would do exactly the same as Gadaffi if faced with a similar revolt by the people. Be under no illusion, especially the fascist EU, they even put the death penalty in The Lisbon Treaty for this reason.

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There is no time to build a new party, but there is a much better way forward. Nationalists join the two main parties undercover and try to work their way to a position to get elected as MPs. When large numbers have infiltrated, they can guide these main parties toward Nationalist policies from both sides of parliament. A much quicker way to gain power.