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Since this was written, I have moved out of the country. I now realize that the blacks were never freed. The rest of America was enslaved.

Leaving the USA has given me a whole new perspective on America and it is "less than positive"!!!!

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You are correct. There is a difference between communism and socialism. It is comparable to 2 people who just jumped out of a plane with no parachutes. Communism is the one who hit the ground. Socialism is the one still falling. You are really one to talk. You did well while we protected you from your Marxist neighbors.
You can't even afford your own national defense. We have bankrupted ourselves paying for that. On top of that, one douchebag with a gun gets loose in your town and hundreds die because you don't believe in defending yourselves. Your monetary house of cards is collapsing around you, proving that whole notion of governments manipulating economies as though they are tuning up a car was the most arrogant, pompous ideology of the last 200 years.

Sure, the Chinese are "more capitalistic", who cares that they are about to suffer the same tragedy of the commons that you have brought on yourselves.

Why do you care that we don't want our country to beome a dumpster diving welfare state like yours? This message wasn't aimed at you, but since you opened your mouth to trash us, why don't you take a little time to thank us for paying for the Internet you are using.

On top of that, let me remind you that you don't have free speech. You are so ready to bow down to any master that comes along, that now you get tossed in jail for something as stupid as criticizing Allah and you want to tell us about how you live in freedom? LMAO!!!

If all you are going to do is spout off 8th grade opinions, stick them where the Swedish meatballs come out. Otherwise, bring some facts, jack...or Fred...

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Look at the date. This was posted before fast and furious broke into the mainstream media as a story. It was emailed to me and did not post correctly, but it made the point. As for me, I am at the point where on the rare occasion I hear anything out of the regime, I assume the opposite is somehow true and am usually right.

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Lets just call a shovel ready project a "spade" since the "black house" is so stained by his living there, it definitely can be considered a "Shovel ready project". While we are talking so directly, let's call BHO what he is and that is TREASONOUS!

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Interesting. Saw this on Arnene's FB page.

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Read the follow up post on this, I believe next one up!

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It's great to see more groups like this rising to drown out the statist propogandists that are indoctrinating so many young people today. I am often stunned to hear notions from young people that a more powerful government makes people free with no logic or reasoning behind such views.

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That's about like finding snow here in Florida...the kind that falls from the sky not up a straw into people's noses!

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Buzz saw??? You want to spend a decade on this job or what? This calls for 3 or 4 tactical nukes....

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and the death tax would get half anyways LOL