Fun w/ Cthulhu

Fun w/ Cthulhu


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362 weeks ago @ Wonkette - All About the D*cks: Y... · 0 replies · +3 points

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity...

362 weeks ago @ Wonkette - What 'Lesser Cut Of Me... · 1 reply · +9 points

From his official bio:

Son of Barbee and Gail McCarty Corbin

I thought that children of same sex parents were supposed to better adjusted?

362 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber,... · 0 replies · +4 points

After he leaves office, Kitzhaber is expected to resume his earlier career as a Ted Turner impersonator.

because of course @$$hole.

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Really have to disagree on Russell Westbrook. Volume does not equal accuracy.

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With pride I'll be wearing my Hotsky to Trotsky t-shirt this weekend - under several thousand other layers because it is effin cold up here in the USA's hat.

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All of the upfists for THIS. I cannot tell you how happy this comment made me.


If you're so smart, why don't you pick up your cues faster?


Are those my cues?


Yes, and they must be dry by now. Why don't you pull them up out of the cellophane before they scorch. (stop cellophane) Heh. All right, sir, may I take your hat and goat? (baa)




Now, I assume you've come to see my mistress Mr. Danger.


I don't care about your private life or what his name is. I’ve come to see Nancy. Uh, uh.... Mrs. Haber.

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"It's all rum, sodomy and the lash" - quoted from GOP party invite.

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To have a dog generally requires a dog license, children however...

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I was then!

363 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Alabama Anti-Gay Today... · 15 replies · +25 points

Seriously, why would anyone want to live in Alabama? Enquiring Canadian minds want to know.