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Yeah, about that. SEE ALSO: friends, teachers, anyone you care about or want to impress. So you might want to update your plan to "never feel anything about anybody again." Good luck!

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AAAAHHH THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. Literally the only other Steam group I'm in is for refugees from another dearly departed website (Glitch) and I hate that this is a pattern but I also feel a gentle satisfaction from seeing those two names on my group list.

I'm all Elder Scrolls Online all the time right now, I'm afraid. I bought a lion mount with real cash money. I'm not proud.

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YOU PEOPLE WITH YOUR AMAZING CHICKEN NAMES. Creatively-bankrupt me just kept hitting refresh on the auto-name generator until I got one that made me laugh. I want a RL chicken named Turt or Pratsley.

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I WAS HOPING SOMEONE ELSE WOULD MENTION GLITCH, I AM STILL NOT OVER GLITCH *points wordlessly to username + icon through heaving sobs*

Although the sites are very different (The Toast is not a game... OR IS IT?!??) I felt the same comfort in both places. In their way, the Toast and Glitch were always spaces of peace and kindness and absurdist humour and loving snark. The announcement of Glitch's closing felt like this one too, just "we love this so much but it's time to stop now." I have heartache all over.

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I took this to mean a road trip to the actual moon.

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So now my two totally inappropriate whiny-dude crushes are in a battle to the death over sand.

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And how often did they follow up on your answer with "Yes, yes, but where are you really from?"

Thought so.

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See, to me this feels like a garbled hybrid of 1 Corinthians 7 and Romans 14, the "do not cause your brother to stumble" passage, which was about food restrictions rather than sexytimes (Paul's argument was roughly "we're not bound by Jewish kosher law, but if eating non-kosher food causes your friends to be less holy, eat like they do when you're around them").

The awesome thing about medieval exegesis is that the entire Biblical canon was sort of considered one single source and it was totally OK to just grab what you needed from, like, wherever, for whatever you were talking about at the time.

(EDIT, having some trouble with html and can't get the link to post properly for the life of me, sorry, anyway I mean Romans 14:20-23)

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The glorious ending of this glorious piece has been rightly getting a lot of attention, but can I just shout my happiness about the reunion scene in the middle? I just needed so badly to know that the blood oaths and idiot promises that the younger me made are ALLOWED to be replaced with love.