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Hey guys Desudaily is coming back, it was taken down, but a new site is under construction, you can get a email when it's down by signing up here I probably should go to this site more often, I love Steven Universe, never forget Lion 3: Direct to video.

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I'm watching the dub on dvds I bought at Otakon years ago and I liked rewatching episode 1, but I hope will be fine with the stuff that happens later. I really liked Gurren Lagann when I first watched it, but I liked it less as time when on because I grew to dislike some decisions this show made later. Also I had a friend who didn't take my recommendations because it wasn't Gurren Lagann. Enough downer talk for now, the music is great and I bought a great tote bag at Otakon last year because it was a mystery grab bag.

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I already watched Love Live twice because of this site and I loved it, it's just that hobbies including writing on this site have been piling up because I got a job. Maybe I'll keep on going, but I'm also trying to finish Idolmaster.

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I have dvds of this, but Crunchyroll might be higher quality, I'm not sure what to do. Another option is not watching it because I've seen it a few times, I don't know.

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I say she's a ghost

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I kind of think New York is a dangerous place for a bunch of girls to go to especially since I watched that one Simpsons episode, but it's funny that three of them went to some ghetto hotel by accident, Nico's Alpaca dream and the Alpaca cursor was funny too. Foreign girls reacting to large America disks and deciding to eat at a Japanese restaurant was funny, but I get it, I've wanted to eat at McDonald's at other countries when I used to travel overseas. Btw is that mysterious singer that Honoka found twice a ghost or something, she disappeared twice and magic stuff happens around her. This does feel like the K-On movie where it feels like it should end after the big trip, but it wasn't so bad in this movie. I loved A-Rise coming back, I like that they're nice rivals, it's nice change of pace from mean rivals.

I wasn't really feeling the songs in the movie, but a singing in the rain reference is nice, the bit of shocking party was good and I liked the last two songs. The sunny song did make me happy, the last song had great visuals and did that weird Kotori pop up in the corner like the opening. I overall liked the movie, but it couldn't keep my attention, I paused and did something else before coming back several times. I tried doing another rewatch of Love Live, but I stopped in season 2, this movie may have given me some love back for the series.

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I should have caught up and posted earlier, but I want to say I love the artwork in the Boros arc, it's so good and detailed. I also love Lord Boros's design way better in the manga, maybe the color screws it up in the anime. I also love the side stories and I love comparing it to the anime, I can't wait to read more.

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

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Golden Time because we just watched Toradora!