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You know I really dont think that its the way you look that matters. I go for personality
You know Im sorry about the diabetes I dont have it but my mom and step dad do. So I really dont know what its like but I know what they go through. Dont put yourself down it does nothing for your self asteem. Fuck all those kids that make fun of you. They obviously dont know you. You sound like your a cool guy and if someone is putting you down its because they are insurcure about the way they look or dont feel right about their family.

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Thanks. I want to thank you for sharing that information. I really needed that. Im one of those people who have been hurt but min is in a different way. You see I had to watch my dad die a slow painful death and that killed me. And it hurts today and many times I had wanted to quit. I tryed twice but failed and sadly I was going to try again but I read what you wrote and I decided against it. I decided that if someone can put share something like that and still live and still help people and go through that then I think that I can make it. Maybe there is hope for me. Maybe I will be able to go to see the next day and who knows maybe it will all get better one day. And what you taught me is you never know till you try. I thank you for sharing that and I thank you for saveing my life. Reading that you made me see that life can be bad but there are people out there that will help you make it through it and wont let you fall again. You helped me see that its not all that bad that you can make it through even if you feel to weak to move on.