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He's slow. Like a snail. In the head. That's the joke. Cuz he's stupid. *Ding!*

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Just to make it official... It does not. But it seems to. Then it does not work at all.

And it was hilarious.

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ALRIGHT! Weilding the Alicorn Amulet, I...

...Where is everypony...

aw man, I MISSED IT!

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I know you will likely never see this, but I have to defend Celestia here. While I cannot explain why she left Sombra for Twilight beyond 'she had other things to do in HER kingdom' she explained that Discord was far too powerful for her. If she were to try and square off against Discord, she would stand NO chance, because she does not wield the Elements of Harmony, the only things that could fight him properly. Further, based off the comments Discord made to her, he had something in mind for her, some plan set to take care of her. If she tried to leave, to fight back, he may well have turned her to stone. Rather, she had to watch as her country, her prize student, and her friends become warped and twisted by Discord and his powers. As for Luna, who knows. She never shows her face, and does LESS than nothing, where Celestia at least points in the right direction.

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This is the most beautiful piece of written word I have ever seen. This comment... It has changed how I see the show, and my own life. In fact, you could say that this comment made my life get flip-turned, upside down.

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Well... personally I think they will be dealing with more of the backstory in later episodes. don't have time to make my revew right now, but I will be sure to put it on my tumblr when I do have the time, which might not be today even. Still, I thought it was a strong way to open the season, but I am worried about twilight and her future. Again, I'll clarify what I mean later.

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So much gak... I don't think I can handle it! Oh, I cant wait untill all this gak sillyness ends, at this rate the smooze will be over run with the stuff!

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*sigh* stupid school firewall blocking the pictures, cant see anything here, and I'm banned from the computer at home! Oh well.

Hey, Trig, just asking, when's the next rant, or are you done with those? I know it's off topic, but I cant SEE the topic anyway, so meh. Plus, I've been missing them.

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OI! What's so bad about him? He is a brony who makes what he likes, and does good voices. How on earth does that warranty a "burn it before it airs?" And you three who up-voted, you better explain yourselves too. You jerks.

And yes. It's a him, he was just born into a female body. Is that your problem? That he's transsexual? Shame on you. Just... Shame on you.

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Doctor Whooves. You all know why.