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Re: what what whats comment: YOU are clearly a DOUCHE BAG

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AMEN Brother! But what are we going to do about this? This will be going on until TRUE PATRIOTS take matters into their own hands. If we do take a stand, then will our Military stand with us against the USURPER of our freedoms? That is the real question. Lock and Load!

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NO MATTER HOW MANY VALID POINTS ARE MADE; HOW MUCH WE HAVE THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE CONSTITUTION ON OUR SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT; THE FACT IS NO INVESTIGATION WILL BE MADE, EVER. It does not matter who is in charge, the democ (rats), the repubes. Its not going to happen. It would upset the whole power structure. That is as long it is allowed to exist! If WE THE PEOPLE really rose up, united, (with the support of our military) then maybe!? Until then if ever, just sit down and be quiet. WE/ YOU really have to get serious about this issue. It will hurt!, it will hurt many. It will upset our domestic tranquility but did it not when the original Patriots rose up against the English occupation. Only this time it would require much more sacrifice because we have let this go to far with our combined complacency!!! But if we don't, the WE THE PEOPLE ARE LOST and there will never be a dream again like this USA, ONE NATION UNDER GOD where people are free of tyranny/ tyrants and the individuals freedoms rule. W A K E U P A M E R I C A, its not to late, yet.

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Does anybody still doubt that his puppet masters are out to step by step destroy this country and remove it from its world leadership position? They know they will not get a better chance than right now to do so and they are implementing, by whatever means necessary, their long laid out and prepared plan. So they will plow ahead step by step no matter what the cost to the former democrat party (now socialist). The Republicans better have a far reaching and well thought out plan to reverse the decline and damage done by "O" once (if) they get another chance at governing otherwise we the (USA) are finished and will be turned permanently into the USSA subservient to the new world order and possibly split up among China, Russia and others... Then there is only one way to get the country back and that will be "costly" very costly in every way!!!

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If anything like this happens here (and I am deeply saddened to say its only a matter of time) I believe we will go to war to eradicate this curse on humanity (well maybe not as long as we have this so called president) but soon after or even then. The populace will demand it. And until that sad day comes we should tell them that the terrorist we catch will be buried in pig skins or with pigs. And then we will nuke Mekka then Medina and we'll go down the line until none of them are left. If you don't like that peace loving Muslims, then stand up and fight with US against this cancer among humanity.

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What do female muslem suicide bomber- terrorists have to show in the afterlife for their sacrifice, do they have to be lesbians?

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At least one clearly thinking Patriot!

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Come on, now is the time to show Patriotism. Buy American. Stop buying into the myth that the Japs or Germans (Koreans etc. ) are the only ones building super dependable cars. I used to own Japanese and German cars but I have found that their dependability at least now is a hoax. It is true that GM is owned by "obummer" but buy American for the American Workers! obummer will be gone in three years but the US manufacturing base must remain and/ or brought back to our shores. If not we'll soon be a third rate country. We cannot have a strong country without home grown industry and we will not if we continue to buy foreign products that seem cheaper initially but soon break down. America at least in the automobile sector builds as good or better cars than anybody in the world. Now if we only could eject the burden that the unions add to our economy and manufacture.

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I do not judge them. I know we are all fallen beings. But please don't make a spectacle about your fallen self. I pray that all homos eventually get healed because they are broken.

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Good for the major. Homos: do whatever you want in PRIVATE, nobody will stop you. Just stop to pretend in public that you are normal. I feel very sorry for all of you!