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Finally the day has come! Seeing it transform from a empty carbon fiber shell to what is a true marvel of aviation history has been a once in a lifetime experience for this individual. Seeing it take the air will take alot of weight off many an indiviuals shoulders. Bringing confidence back to all of Boeing Corporate and Union alike, not to mention the boost foe the PNW as a whole.

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No one is solely blaming the IAM for the delays, though IMO the strike obviously didn't help the situation. The production problems are the greater of the reason. I know at this point everyone will chime in and give the "Well if they didn't outsource so much" arguement. But those who do need to realise that this is a huge undertaking, new designs, materials and production techniques. Boeing investment in the tooling for the fuselage production alone would drive the cost to a point where it wouldn't be a cost effective purchase for the customers. There is no way on earth Boeing would be able to take on the 787 project without outsourcing. The supply chain management logistics are a challange in itself. Everyone seems to think that this is just another airliner, well it's not and again IMO it's the future like it or not. When the 787 take the air, airliner travel will no longer be as it was in the past. Everyone will follow suit, Airbus included. It's going to take time, and one thing is for sure. Boeing will not throw the towel in on this one. Too much invested that if it doesn't fly, the company will take a loss that is will never recover from.

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It's over...let it go already.

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You voted noo to screw the union, dude what are you thinking?

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Hey Meta4, I have to say I caught myself on the fence just prior to voting yes. I believe it was from enlightened views such as yours. Thanks for all you're insights from this Boeing first time striker. i really believe it wasn't the time for it but with what I had learned throughout it all. I'm sure the knowedge will come in handy next time around, should the circumstances change. Thanks again.

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Well put jaker, I'm getting on a flight back home tomorrow morning for the Saturday vote. With any luck, see you all inside the gates if we are back to work on Monday. Regardless of where any of you stand, do what's truly best for you and yours. Good luck to all of you and thank you for sharing your perspective and insights.
God Bless you all.

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I agree with the Big FAT ZERO for the fourth year, but at this point is it worth staying out another 2 weeks for $1500 buck which would have been most likely offered? Also agree that if this contract would have been given as the original BAFO, it most likely would have been accepted. Though I think not necesarilly ratified by unanimous acceptance.

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Your right about that...when the strike was santioned alot of the MT's on 787 were asking me how long did I think it would be, my answer was 60-90 days. Of course thier reaction was that of shock, since they had already voted down the BAFO and were told 2-3 weeks. Now look were we are?

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Thank you, I aprreciate the insight and the words of encouragement. I understand your views and honestly if I were in your shoes, today. I probably would feel the same way. But it's not the case right know.

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It's crazy that no one has any idea of SPECIFICALLY what they want? No wonder the negotiator couldn't do anything more, imagine what the results of all those poll we were given were?