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Publication order, mainly because her writing style organically improves over time, so I find it jarring to skip between series. As was previously mentioned, the majority of the books' publication order follows the same linear timeline anyway.

I also wouldn't skip any series unless you really aren't feeling it. I will never be the one to tell you that TP is the most eloquent writer, but her world-building is extraordinary for a fantasy author, and since all the Tortall books tie into each other, you'll miss out on that if you skip a series. I would, in my opinion, also save the Spy's Guide and the short story anthology for last. I think you can even omit them, if need be. Those are mostly for the (world building obsessed) fans.

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-That camera is like, a million HIPAA violations.

Hahaha. THIS. On a weird tangent, one of the constant themes in arguments I have with friends who have jobs w/r to internet privacy, surveillance and data collection is that halfway through any policy-related conversation, I will typically yell,"BUT THAT'S A HIPAA VIOLATION!!" at least once. Its kind of concerning how the legal architecture of HIPAA is really not prepared for digitization.

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Just as a general observation, I think being dependent on a drug and being a danger to others are very different things. And given the number of inflicted fatalities and injuries that result in the US from DUIs, I wouldn't be so eager to call alcohol a "safer" drug, either.

That said, I'm not sure whether Reese is a recovering alcoholic as opposed to either an incredibly high-functioning one or a guy who goes on the odd binge when wrestling with his angst (V zrna jr frr uvz pbagvahr gb qevax guebhtubhg gur frevrf, qba'g jr?)

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I also often notice many of the actors involved in all the NYC studio based shows are publicly very eager to come to NYC on a regular basis which likely further artificially filters the acting pool. Unsurprisingly, there is heavy overlap between all the "NYC" pool actors and "involved in Broadway at some point or the other."

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I'm just thinking of all the 911 call complaints or, even more likely, all the 311 call complaints (ᅙωᅙ)

But no joke, I did have neighbors who were big on the above.

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(general spoilers)
V nyjnlf gubhtug gung Svapu arire gbyq gur AFN nobhg gur "Veeryrinag Yvfg", gubhtu, creuncf gurl pbhyq unir vasreerq gung zhpu onfrq ba gur haqrefgnaqvat bs jung Gur Znpuvar jnf qbvat ba gur angvbany frphevgl yriry.

V erzrzore V svefg jura V svefg fgnegrq jngpuvat guvf frevrf, gur abgvba bs gur "Veeryrinag Yvfg" npghnyyl qvqa'g gebhoyr zr gbb zhpu orpnhfr V svtherq, rkpyhqvat vaqvivqhnyf eryngrq gb greebevfz (gubhtu, V JBHYQ or pbaprearq nf gb ubj gubfr cnenzrgref jbhyq or qrsvarq), vg jnf orggre gung gurer abg or gbb zhpu zrqqyvat ng n flfgrzvp yriry. Nf gur frevrf tbrf ba, gurer ner bppnfvbaf jurer Errfr naq Svapu'f npgvivgvrf znxr zr jbaqre vs gur jbeyq vf ernyyl orggre bss orpnhfr gurl vagreirarq va gur yvsr bs n fvatyr vaqvivqhny (naq V qba'g zrna fbzrguvat boivbhf yvxr Ryvnf). Nf n fbzrjung fvyyl rknzcyr, Errfr qbrf na njshy ybg bs xarr-pnccvat. Fhetrel naq eruno vf rkcrafvir va gur HF. Jub jvyy raq hc ornevat gur svanapvny naq rzbgvbany oheqra bs gung?

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It's wonderful that the acting craft is enough for you. For me personally, I know when a performance is not resonating with me when I find myself asking questions or thinking about what I would have wanted to improve. For instance, with the uncle, it's easy to see that he at first meant no harm, but then I start wondering why he didn't even bother to try and give his brother's family advance warning after he realized that Landale wasn't as legitimate as they appeared. With the aunt, I found myself wondering why I never heard her mention anything about the rest of the family, or any memories/ characteristics of Theresa that she found endearing. I want to know what about the niece-aunt relationship is so strong that as soon as Finch tells Theresa that her aunt misses her, she calls the woman despite knowing the risk and yet having resisted the temptation for so long.

As to your second point, speaking as someone who has lived in NYC post-9/11 surveillance state, I find this hard to believe, having seen the degree and rapidity that the NYPD has utilized surveillance to track crime and criminals. There's also the Jane Jacob's "eyes on the street" effect to consider. People in NYC, in my experience, are hyper-vigilant both when it comes to a person whose behavior deviates from the norm (ex. shooting people in knee-caps) and in terms of noticing stuff...like smoke grenades fired into vehicles...and gunshots. The city is just too crowded for much to escape unnoticed. People are also equally quick to draw their smartphones. Even if Harold is scrubbing CCTV footage off-screen, which in the case of Leverage in addition to the commentary is actually addressed in-script, I doubt he would be able to rifle through all social media footage to erase Reese's presence.

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I deeply appreciate this level of diligence.

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Tvira gung jr bayl frr gur raq erfhyg lrnef yngre, vg’f fnsr gb fnl gung guvf qvqa’g jbex. Fbzrguvat unccrarq, naq V jbaqre vs gur crefba Svapu ybfg gung arneyl qrfgeblrq uvz jnf uvf cnegare. ORPNHFR FHECEVFR, UR’F QRNQ NPPBEQVAT GB GUNG OHFG VA GUR YBOOL.

Tbggn fnl, cebcf gb lbh, Znex. Lbh ner npghnyyl cercnerq!

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I really like how when Reese asks Finch what would happen to the people in Finch's department if Reese decided to blow Finch's cover as the owner of the company and as Finch is explaining that the department would be dismantled, with people being promoted, reassigned or fired as needed, it is immediately obvious that JerkFaceManager would likely be fired.

What I like about Emerson is that his delivery of Finch's lines is so bland, languid, and understated, yet what Finch really means is never unclear.