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I'm almost 100% positive now that we will be victim to false flag soon, which will start unrest/revolution because of tensions already built up. Which is good I think, but while we are bogged down struggling every day to live, Global Government will be rolling out and we will be powerless to stop it. The Power Elite have been planning this for well over a century.

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Which side of that coin do you belong on?

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That's exactly right! They aren't necessarily idiots either, they are about to roll out a global government without so much as a shot fired in this nation.

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1. Eliminate the majority of gov't agencies.
2. Term limits.
3. Eliminate the Federal Reserve, let congress coin the monies back by a new gold standard!
4. Balanced budget amendment.
5. Zero lobbying, this is a huge topic and involves about a hundred specific changes at least.
6. In general, let the federal gov't know it's place again, constitutionally govern, with states in the prominent position.
7. Fair/flat tax. Eliminate majority of taxes, including income tax. Already upheld by the supreme court, they just ignore it
8. Protect the borders and what's within it and end our worldwide empire.

The list is too long, we've been negligent with our liberties and at this point we need almost a complete fresh slate.

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This goes well beyond Republican vs Democrat, the power elite who desire warm fuzzy global government are using our two parties to destroy us. Some who post here are as you say, all pissy because it's not a Republican in power, much the same way the left was attacking Bush, and deservedly so. However, millions are now breaking out of this fake left/right paradigm and seeing that we have a lot more in common than we think. Bush was quite possibly the worst President in our history, Obama is continuing his big government policies and will likely turn out a worse executive than Bush ever was.
See the problem now, it's not a game anymore, it's not left or right sitting back arguing that "there's too much government", it's obvious there is WAY to much government. Now this is where we are going to divert into two groups again. Those that believe that's fine and the world and history is all warm and fuzzy, and peace will prosper. Then there's the group that has studied history and KNOWS 100% that government historically enslaves it's people. Hence our founders creating a Republic.
We are now at this hinge or tipping point, our federal government is frantically trying to preserve itself, and in so doing is in essence, enslaving it's people. Most our federal officials are completely unsuited for their job, however, some are marching forward with the power elites plans, and left unchecked we will all soon have zero freedoms because a global body governs us.
This is hard to swallow for some people, because they do not believe in good or evil. The simple fact is that there are sinister devils at the top of industry and government who would love nothing better than to see 90% of the population disappear, by any means necessary. It can't be argued, and to try will indicate a persons ignorance. And I speak as one who used to buy into the "lie", but any red blooded American can no longer sit idly by watching news and hearing stories and think it's just the evil democrats causing all this, or the evil republicans either. It's much larger than that.

Seek the truth, and challenge your particular world view, because if we do not, we are destroyed.

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Because it' not just a President doing this, there are thousands of people behind the scenes and more powerful than he is doing all this.

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I didn't see agent orange listed there, and I'm positive Imasapyr is a different product made by American Cynamid Co., not Monsanto the pioneers of killing people. I like the idea of helping the border agents out, but spraying chemicals over such an expansive area is a bad idea.

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Seriously, thankfully the DOD reinstated the selling of brass to private ammunition makers. Even though that's only a few calibers it will help. When you can't find 30-06 you know you have a problem, I've only got about 300 rounds for each of my weapons, God willing I'll get enough stocked up before all hell breaks loose, fighting a revolution aside, I need those rifles to shoot my food, amen?

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It passed already, today. check story at infowars.com

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That's easily one of the most ridiculous things I've heard said about Alex Jones, but to each his own I guess. Bury your head in the sand and enjoy your slavery.