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Who wants to move to Israel with me before this all comes crashing down?

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This phrase is what opened my eyes in the article. "In all likelihood something similar could appear and it could be held in your hand and used as a means of payment,". What does this statement really mean? Something similar? isnt all money similar? The Yen, Euro, Dollar..all bills, coins etc. So why the need to explain similarity..are they suggesting something other than bills you exchange? Like for instance something in your hand? A Mark even? Also the phrase "means of payment" me this suggests something totally different than the current practice of exchanging of bills, coins, etc. I could be wrong and this may sound crazy, but at this point I think anything can happen..This may indeed lead to the Mark spoken of in Revelation.

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Personally I see no positive end to the North Korean issue. In my opinion, the only solution to this problem is a show of force. As soon as that rocket is put on the lauch pad, the USAF should bomb the site. The only way to stop a bully is to confront him. Also, I believe that China uses NK for their dirty work. They are the ones that are really testing our resolve. NK is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Plus, could you imagine the US getting bogged down in another war, especially one of this magnitude? Believe me, this aint no Iraq (see Vietnam, but probably worse due to their military capabilities i.e. chemical, atomic weapons.). Many of our brave soldiers would die, and many many more civilians.

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I wonder what's going to happen to the classics like, Corvette and Camaro. If GM is no longer able to make those cars, or if they are turned into some 4cylinder eco-friendly green cars, you might as well expect GM to fail again. Those cars were what I think of when I hear GM. Also, with regards to Chrysler, what happens to the Jeep? and the Challenger? The infamous HEMI? you might as well kiss them goodbye! At least we still have Ford..but for how long?

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Since this is in California I am not suprised. However, It seems our Christian religious freedoms are fleeting away day by day throughout the rest of the country. The Government and media stand up for Muslim freedom, Atheist freedom, and any other religious freedoms, while Christian/Jewish beliefs are ridiculed. I personally believe that these things must come before the final judgement of the world. I believe that we are nearing the end of grace for this world and judgement will indeed come upon the ungodly. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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I remember searching around on the internet a while back, and finding a reference that stated many Assyrian peoples migrated to what is known today as Spain. I dunno if that could be of any significance? I know there are mentions of the Anti Christ being "the Assyrian" but i dont know if that's just a metaphor or what? Anyways, I think the formation of the Medditerranean Union is also very important to how all this is and will play out.

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I pray that we do not have to go to war with NK, for it would be one of the bloodiest wars this nation has ever fought. Sure, we could wipe the whole nation out with nukes, but we all know that will never happen unless we are attacked. I firmly believe our nation will never use nukes again, except as a deterrant. If NK invades the South or attacks Japan, then yes war may be neccessary. NK is very prepared for war. In the event we do go to war, be prepared for a reinstatement of the draft. I am mainly for airstrikes to "contain" the NKs. However I do not think this would work and ultimately boots would have to be on the ground. This war would probably result in the death of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of soldiers and civilians. Oh yeah i would we pay for it?

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This is a disgrace to our country. Chavez is a tyrannical dictator much like Kim Jong III and Ahmadinejad. How can we be talking to enemies that want to kill us? These people want to bring America to her knees! Does anyone seriously believe that by talking and negotiating with these facists, that anything positive for their country or our country will come of it? Talkiing is what got us in these situations, and believe me, if it continues then Iran will have NUKES and for all I know so will Venezuela. No more talk..its time for action!

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Oh and another thingI truly believe however, that we as a nation should go the route of voting in a completely new Congress..then I really believe we should look into Impeachment. I think we have waaaay more reason to Impeach the president now then we ever have before..just my opinion..

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I hate to see our country heading in the direction it is. Just the fact that we are talking succession is a very scary ordeal. However, If the Obama administration continues to run our wonderful country into the ground by: opening up dialogue with rougue and terrorist states, spending taxpayer money at this rapid pace, talk of giving some of our sovereignty to a "World Order", ditching the dollar, authorizing the DHS report, all the while throwing all morality out the window etc..then I really cannot blame anyone for the discussion. Do I really think it will happen? No. I think it is just an attempt to get Washington's attention and rightly so. Something has got to be done to stop this mad-man and his Congress. I think all states need to consider a sovereignty law in their constitution. If none of this works? Well maybe succession is possible. If succession did happen I really do not think a Civil War would follow....Didnt some Russian General predict succession in the US or Civil War in the coming future? Hmm Ironic