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"In the end, the consumer pays all taxes."

I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up.

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As much as St Louis loves Pujols, I think the Angles did them a favor here.

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You mean the tea party has no leadership, and has taken no action, besides having over 60 out of a possible 435 people in the house of representatives being part of their caucus, with Michele Bachmann being chair? I'm not sure what your standard of success is, but the tea party is actually influencing policy and has done alot to derail attempts at tax increases (their stated goal).

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The only people these sorts of bans deter are those who respect the law to begin with. They don't deter and can't stop the people that we're really concerned about: gang members who are looking for trouble.
What it does do is limit the ability of responsible members of society to defend themselves when some punk with a gun does open fire.

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a partial income tax is where they only take part of your income via the tax, as opposed to the 100% income tax they would like. (sarcasm off?)

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DMT, giving a you rare TD on this one. I don't think pbs7mm is shoving anything down your throat. Let him / her be at peace with their beliefs while you are at peace with yours, or the next comment after mine you might get is someone asking you not to shove your beliefs (disbelief?) down their throats either...

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Roughly 8% of the prison population in WA state is incarcerated due to drug related charges. Let the folks that are in jail for possession go, and use the savings to continue to fund this program.

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Already put a couple of hours in. The game plays faster than Black Ops, definitely feels more like MW2 to me. Love the new way kill streaks are handled and the way weapons level up as you use them.

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I'm handing out TU's as fast as I can but I only have one vote!

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I actually have to applaud Gregoire for making the tough choices at this point. It has to be done, and she didn't drag it out longer like many in her position would have done.