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This is because of the court ruling it's cruel and inhumane to keep prisoners in crowded prisons. They are letting these kinds of crimes go because there's no room at the state dept. of corrections-run Hilton. He will re-offend and he will hurt someone in the future. We could have had him now, but PC and stupidity prevail in our courts.

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I was up there a couple weeks ago, water visibility was about 3 inches at the bank. That's pretty tough swimming for fish. The fact these big fish made it up into a tributary is amazing. Those big boys will be the great grand dads of some massive steelhead in future generations. It's possible that the tough environment the fish are in now caused by the dam removal will actually help create some very large and very strong/durable future fish runs.

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Bio fuels take 29% MORE energy to produce than they are capable of generating. The amount of forest and other lands that would have to be converted to crops for bio-fuel make it a poor choice for an energy source. http://environment.about.com/od/fossilfuels/a/bio...

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Taxpayer paid boondoggle! We can't afford Chrissie's big adventure! Who does she think she is, Michelle Obama?

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Remember all the hubub the democrats made during the Bush administration about someone outing Ambassador Wilson's wife, who was a CIA "spy"? I guess when democrats are in power it's ok. The Brits and Israelis won't even share secret information with the Obama administration any longer.

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Yeah, I'll miss every one of them too. Working. Guess the city workers can take lunch there tho...

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Name the Bush policy that caused the collapse. Go ahead, try. You can't find it. Because it didn't happen. The collapse happened on Bush's watch because he happened to be president when decades of democrat banking policy finally came to fruition. Do some research on the Community Reinvestment Act and other liberal ideas to get the "less fortunate" into their own homes they couldn't afford. This goes back to LBJ, Carter, Clinton. Look for contributions by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd while you're at it.

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I don't make it a habit to check out every criminal's facebook page.

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Another reason light rail trains in the middle of the street are a BAD IDEA.

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What's up with his eyes? Are those his real eyes or contact lenses to try to look like Edward Cullen?