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The same way anything is blowing off steam. It's fun and some people like to do it.

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Because the point of getting sexual on the dance floor is to blow off steam and have some fun, not necessarily to actually get sex. Context is important.

You HAVE to separate those two things. If you don't want to be "misled" on the dance floor, then dancing with other people might not be for you.

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I think I speak for every nerd who's ever been told that they're never going to have sex because they like geek things when I say this:

You. Are. A. Dick.

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There are at least two gay Mandalorians in the Expanded Universe, so it's probably not a cultural prejudice. /nerd

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Admittedly, at first, I was against the complaints. Even after beating the game, I was convinced that the series had a perfectly satisfactory ending. After reading some of the more convincing arguments, however, I have changed my mind.

That said, I feel that many of the "plot holes" people like to mention RE: the ending are easily explained, just not given a full explanation in the game itself. Who knows, though; maybe the new ending will be both narratively satisfying and acceptable to the fanbase at large.