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Shapiro's main point is clear as crystal: We must fight. Not reach across the aisle, not compromise, not hold back, not refrain from tearing the left and its rotten cause and its bullying methods to ribbons, not continue to play their PC games. FIGHT!

There is no reason why Barack Obama, the worst president in the history of the United States of America, a cowardly leftist weasel with no qualifications or positive accomplishments, could not have been defeated for re-election by a potted plant. But he won reelection, because the Republicans ran a wimp against him. Against a fighter he would have gone down to a defeat of Biblical proportions, media or no media. To win against bullies, you must fight.

You must fight.

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The U.S. military is, and has been, a PC Festival for decades. Every photo shoot, every statement, every formation and parade is already carefully arranged to show women and minorities according to well-known quotas. This and the mandated acceptance of homosexuals is just the long-expected icing on a very old cake.

The entire purpose of women in combat is to get female officers promoted to the general ranks. It's an old leftist metric: if the numbers don't reflect the demographics of the population, then we need Affirmative Action till they do. All they care about is the numbers. Winning and losing battles doesn't count, blame for poor unit performance can be blamed on other factors, officers who object will be sidelined or ridiculed, etc. etc.

A military whose higher ranks are not filled with careerist hacks could fight this, and fight it successfully. But not our current generals and admirals, who have been sucking at the PC teat all their careers. Unfortunately, as the article notes, men (and women) will die because of the rottenness of the institutional culture.

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Great speech! Lacks just one thing: "The conservative leader who will fight to remove every vestige of this disgraceful regime and restore sane, constitutional government to the United States is___________."

Without leadership, with more Romneys and McCains and Bushes, the Democrats will continue to laugh at us and control the federal government for decades to come. We need a fighter. No smiling, no compromise on immigration or budget cuts, no sucking up to the media, no reaching across the aisle. Political war until the arrogance of Obama and his hacks is crushed.

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Wrong, Joe.

Fighter aircraft were stationed in Italy, less than an hour's flying time away. We knew the size and scope of the attack almost immediately, and were monitoring it on realtime video from circling drone aircraft. Only an utter incompetent or a cowardly weasel would fail to order up air support as quickly as possible to save American lives. Obama, of course, is a unique case in the history of U.S. presidents: he is both incompetent and a coward.

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Waffling, spinning, stonewalling, deflecting to continue until 9:00 p.m. in California on November 6, 2012.

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On the other hand, you don't know beans about it. Hardly a qualification to comment, eh?

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Neither the Republican platform nor Ryan's policy views are inimical to Catholic social teaching. But throwing in Ryan is just deflection from the issue--Biden's hypocrisy in using the old "I'm personally opposed to abortion" dodge, the Kennedy Two-Step. All Catholic politicians who publically support or vote for pro-abortion legislation are automatically excommunicated--did you know that? That's Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius, etc. They are, all of them Democrats, a source of shame and scandal to the Church.

Implicit in Catholic Leftism is the false notion that the Church teaches socialism or government redistribution of wealth. It doesn't. It calls on all the faithful to help the poor, and it calls on society to do so. Read the Catechism again, Robert.

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Moderate Islamist: You are assassinated.
Extreme Islamist: You are assassinated, and your corpse is dragged through the street and defiled.

Hope that helps.

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But she hasn't resigned. She takes responsibility for a security debacle that cost American lives, blatantly lied about it, and she just keeps on truckin'.

Funny, isn't it?

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To paraphrase Talleyrand: A pile of poop in a pastel pantsuit.

She's been in titular charge of foreign policy for the past four years. That says it all. No wonder the bees attack her.