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Thanks for posting mine EQD! (#4)

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Dat face tho https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-qEvIwQVqKVQ/VZ...

Honestly, I like the cutie mark dice better than the Enterplay ones.

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You can if you want, I'm not very frequent on Deviantart but I'll definitely keep working with Blender and I'll probably post stuff I'm most proud of.

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I actually just found your stuff yesterday and you have the best 3D pony hair I've seen. I've been learning Blender recently using CreatorOfPony's models http://creatorofpony.deviantart.com/ and they are miles better than any of the SFM models. We need more pony stuff in Blender so keep at the awesome work!

Obligatory self-plug to a picture I made posing one of CreatorOfPony's models: http://zoomguy53.deviantart.com/art/Blender-3D-Tw...

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Since we're on topic, I've been trying to find a video that was a Xx360NoScape video about Save Tree but instead I think it was about Save Bees. It might have been by GalaxyArtForever before he took down all his pony videos (why?). If anyone can find it again that'd be great.

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Why don't people make more models for Blender? They look way better than any SFM animation.

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I don't like welovefine but man some of those shirts look good. Why can't someone bring them over to RedBubble?

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So if YouTube HD isn't going to work, someone care to upload a torrent?

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While I don't really like Halloween, Nightmare Night just has an awesome name.

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Same here in Saskatchewan. It was snowing hard all weekend.