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I pride myself on being a contarian. My mobile phone is just that, I have a phone only plan with data & text disabled. I am fortunate that I work from home and use my desktop computer for email at long intervals. I do have a tablet which I use on the rare occasions when I am away from home for a day.

The one concession to this infatuation with small portable screens I indulge in is to take an ereader (without wifi) when I suspect I will be kept waiting so that I can read something worthwhile without having to carry a selection of books.

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A good reminder Lauri,

I found practicing mindfulness became a much more rewarding and more frequent part of my life after a huge, violent upheaval in Zimbabwe when I lost my farm, all my assets, my freedom for a while, almost my life and my country.

That was the reset button to show me that nothing material matters. We never know what tomorrow may bring. Appreciating what we do have and living life aware of its abundance in each moment does.

Now I am aware of things I took for granted and failed to notice before.

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Very true and why I restrict my twitter and email time, however I could not resist allocating a minute of that carefully rationed time to note that the phrase "crux of the issue" sounded strange to me. Then I realised that the British brand of English I grew up with always used "crux of the matter".

Pedantic I know, but interesting how the English language developed differently in different parts of the world.

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Well stated, I wish the voters of Ontario had read this post before last week's election. But then they are so wrapped up in their liberal fantasy world that they would not be able to recognise the truth in it.

It will be very interesting to see who they blame when they have to face the consequences of voting for fantasies instead of reality.

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It truly is all relative.

The harshest winter in 30 years, a heart attack a couple of years ago and shortage of cash in Canada is still infinitely better than the inside of an overcrowded police cell in Zimbabwe where I was thrown 11 years ago after that government illegally took our farm.

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I know that you are only referring to 'income inequality" not promoting it, but the term has no relevance outside a true communist society. Even in the old USSR, Eastern Europe, current Chinese and North Korean regimes, "income equality" has not been achieved.

Equality, of income or anything, like pregnancy, is an absolute condition, not a relevant one. This is either equal to that or it is not. A female is either pregnant or not.

The correct term is surely "income disparity" which is a natural and desirable condition for a free enterprise society.

Although more accurate, the word disparity does not carry the same emotional, guilt inducing weight as does inequality, perhaps because of the emotion generated by reference in the past to racial and sexual inequality.

That is why the proponents of wealth distribution both in government and the media, continuously portray income inequality as a mortal sin instead of a natural condition.

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As an ex Rhodesian and South African, living in Canada for the last 9 years, change the locations and my experience would be similar to that of Paul the kiwi now living in Texas.

In answer to Lawrence, I did not take Roberts post to be anti American, quite the opposite, perhaps anti what America (and Canada and Western Europe) are becoming, but very pro American people and the values that made America great.

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I could not believe how easy and how common it was for frivolous lawsuits to be started here in North America. (It seems Canada is rapidly catching up with the USA) In the countries of Southern Africa where I spent most of my life, the majority of the comparatively few lawyers were still considered members of an honourable and essentially honest profession.

Only the most serious medical malpractice suits would be entertained by judges. The proverbial forceps left in the abdomen type. Frivolous litigation of any type just did not make it to the courts. The result was that malpractice and liability premiums were very low, medical costs and medical insurance affordable.

Business owners, professionals and individuals focused on running their, businesses, practices or lives, not on worrying about being sued.

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Have to support David Anthony, I have no direct experience of the Middle East, parts of Asia or Eastern Europe but having lived almost all my life in Africa, there is no comparison. Life is worth very little in most of Africa, and property rights even less.

I have personal experience of atrocities carried out by a government, the theft of my, and thousands of other productive farms, the wrecking of a once vibrant economy, the forced migration of 25% of the population, hyper inflation and the eventual abandonment of its own currency all deliberately done by the Zimbabwe government to destroy all opposition and reward a select few party faithful.

The only reason my wife and I were not killed was because we DID have guns.

Guns are not the problem in America, political correctness that allows unstable people to obtain them is.

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Good perspective on fear Robert, living in Africa for most of my life taught me to be especially vigilant about avoiding dangerous situations. Some I was unable to avoid, but the awareness of them allowed me to survive. That vigilance is still highly active now in North America.

I also played Polo & Polo-Crosse for decades, 2 very fast, very physical sports played on horseback , many falls but only one serious injury. Most sensible people are too afraid to attempt these sports, but the law of averages reveals very few deaths or serious injuries.

Overcoming that fear resulted in the most satisfying examples of teamwork with another species as well as the most adrenaline filled experiences in my life.