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I respect and admire this approach but it feels like this may be just another way of saying "sweep under the rug" that which displeases others. I think religions and other belief systems are symptomatic of a greater problem. We are educating ourselves and our progeny to think and feel in ways that make unproved belief systems an integral part of how we interact with our environment. Keeping beliefs private makes it more difficult to diagnose what they're doing to us publicly. When you have a congress filled with Believers, unproved belief systems will still adversely affect our schools and courts and first responders. Our society currently places faith as a virtue and doubt as a weakness. With that attitude, frankly it's amazing we have not already caused our own extinction. it's belief that pulls the trigger. it's doubt that stays the hand.

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This is about as likely as anything else ever published on the subject.

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I didn't write this to submit it to tonight's podcast. I wrote it cuz I had to get it out of me, after reading a newspaper article this morning re Gadhafi going more berserk than usual, about the same time I helped a friend buy breakfast. The two totally unrelated things clicked in my head. This piece contains my most recent thoughts on atheism and non-belief, is 655 words long, was written today, and contains about 1% quoted content. If it's too late or it doesn't qualify or whatever that's very okay. I'm adding it here now more as an afterthought than anything.

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Am I supposed to submit to this or do I get to be a judge? =)

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There's no harm in seeking attention if you have something worthy to say.. or you're funny.. or look good in a bikini.. or, other reasons that I can't think of right now.

Bottom line: atheism is a lack of belief in gods. That's it. We're not a union. We're not a movement. We're not a breakfast cereal. If you want a union or movement or breakfast cereal, I recommend a different banner.

As it stands, I'm gonna have to start specifying that I am an "absurdist atheist" in an attempt to distance myself from any other kind of atheist that insists we're a political movement or something absurd like that. When I charge after windmills and call them giants, first I check to make sure they are actual windmills that could be giants. Otherwise it's impolite to Sancho. ...i'm sorry, what?
My recent post ZachsMind- Im waiting for my public apology @pzmyers unless you can add to the definition of atheism something that 100 of only atheists have

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Mmmm... Orange Julius.

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I left a trail of taco chips all the way to the Rio Grande. If you notice it, please report to the pile of missing socks over by Dinosaur Valley.

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Past! Present! Future! The spirits! They did it all in one night! Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo! The Three Wise Guys showed me the true meaning of the nativity of Santa Claus! I have a second chance now to get it all right! I'm as giddy as a probation officer! I feel light as a meteorologist! I have to run and buy turkeys for all the little Tiny Tims of the world! Here I go! Whee!

*jumps out bedroom window and plummets to his death*

I regret nothing! Urk!

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My name IS for public use but nobody ever uses it. So I wanna start calling myself Man Ray. People would still talk about me after I'm dead. It'll be great!

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Well if you get bored w/your gf & want to do a podcast about idunno, We could record something via skype. I don't have a way of adding a live studio audience but i could turn the recorder on for an hour and we'd see what happens. You know me. Totally unprepared.

I still for the moment have the thing tho inspiration this month has not struck me like it did last month. I'm basically just talking to myself over there and it gets old. Also, the guy who helped me put that thing together seems to have disappeared. Long story.