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okay, now that OneVoice changd its tax status, maybe what they did was illegal?

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This, of course --- "We all know that Netanyahu thinks any deal with Iran would be bad for the Jews" --- is not his position. But Ms. Lisa would want us to believe that so she can put him down. Quite an unfair tactic. Not that that ever stopped a leftist like Ms. Lisa.

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how much "an anti-occupation Jew" are you? dos the Turkish occupation of north Cyprus bother you? that of Morocco in the Spanish Sahara? there are 'settlements' there also. or does only what Israel does upset you, even if those territories are of the Jewish homeland? that Jews lived there until 1929 and 1938 and 1948? that they were ethnically cleansed from there? that the only period when Jews did not live there were the 19 years of Jordan's illegal occupation. that during that period Arab terror was conducted? ha he reasons Israel is there is a war of self-defense? i could go on but you'd probably dismiss all this and simply say "it's the demographics" and I'd reply your data are wrong.

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Rolling Stone has the transcript. For those who still read.

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A Jew who changes his name to make it more goyish is no great loss, even if he was a loss.

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how would you like it if kibbutzim were boycotted bacause they don't permit Arabs to be members?

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i learnt [or learned] that (and spelling, too). there was nothing wrong in the assimption that hostile inflltrators were within the community's boundaries, unaccompanied, and a security response was required. yes, they definitely should not have attacked without clarifying the identity of those infiltrators. that was part of my education.

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ecology? ask the Arabs to help us save the underground reserves before they con taminate them all or salinate them in Gaza.

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i did not use an emotional rant. but you seem to be arguing in that way.
did i attack you personally? i attacked your ideas and opinions.

your #1 - here's your words "The final refuge of those who have no counter-arguments: misconstruing an expression". so, did you or did you n ot employ the word misconstrue or did I misconstrue you?

your #2 - no, becuase of the incorrect facts you wrote. i am amused though.

your #3 - you still haven't relayed what founders you meant. and the list simply demonstrates that before the excuse of Balfour and indeed Herzl, Arabs were killing Jews. that's all. that their response is consistently one of violence and murder. and don't suppose anything.

i am having a very civilized conversation. don't you go and call it otherwise when you are losing the argument.

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i did not in the least misconstrue anything you wrote but quoted your words exactly. there are 400,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria. Maybe 15% are American. Usually, English-speakers are used as spokespersons because we speak faster (soundbyte pressure), more clearly and better than Israelis. that's basically why you think what you think. That is a factual reply, note please. As for purposefully, I now understand you know little of what you write, so your words there were purposeless.

And what does this mean - "the founders' ideals are being betrayed, daily"? which founders? what ideals? the arabs starting killing us in a political sense in 1851 when Avraham Shlomo Zalman Zoref was murdered by sword blows after purchasing property in Jerusalem. and consider this list of Jewish victims of Arab violence all before Balfour: Aharon Hershler, January 1873; Yisrael Chaim Sheinboim, April 9, 1881; Rachel Hadad, April 2, 1886; Avraham Yalovski, January 1888; Yisrael Roseman, August 1890; Bechor Moshon, September 1900; Yaakov Avramovitz, September 24, 1902; Yitzhak Cohen, November 24, 1903; Shimon Melamed, April 12, 1909; Yisrael Korngold, April 12, 1909;
Dov Schweiger, April 12, 1909; Yaakov Plotkin, November 18, 1909; Pinchas Abramowitz, October 13, 1910; Yehezkel Nissanov, February 2, 1911; Tzvi Bortanovsky, July 5, 1911; David Saharov, July 23, 1912; Moshe Teich, September 18, 1912; David Levyatan, August 4, 1913; Shmuel Friedman, August 23, 1913; Moshe Barsti, November 22, 1913; Yosef Zaltzman, November 24, 1913; Yaakov Feldman, December 7, 1913;
Yosef Sussman, 1914*; Dov Klay, February 25, 1915; Yekutiel Rabiav, April 1916;
Elazar Finkelstein, April 20, 1916; Mordechai Zohar, August 1917; and these before the British established their rule here: Moshe Seglowitz, June 20, 1918; Gavriel Berkowitz, February 9, 1919; Schneur Shaposhnik, December 12, 1919; Aharon Scher, February 2, 1920.