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Just start picking up ladies at REI, they have event calendars there sometimes and I'm sure it'd be prime market for other single survival enthusiast ;D

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This made some excellent points regarding the different emotional levels that one's spouse/significant other can slip into. When my fiancée and I began making our own food supply and BOB he began to poor himself into research and for a while actually started depressing himself with a sense of doom about the possibility of needing to take action in a survival situation. We had some serious talks and when his mind was eased that we were on the same page and that meteors weren't falling from the sky any time soon (probably) we were able to start making preparedness a fun thing once again.

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Not to mention if you are a little more prepared with a mask or larger ventilator, throwing a bandanna over it to not draw attention to yourself and block some larger particulates isn't a bad idea either.

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Interesting.... Might actually help a little with larger debris but probably a little impractical unless your going for a fashion statement ;)

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I think everyone needs at least the cheaper masks around either in their urban survival bag or at the very least in their car. This is a mask I'd like to invest in when I've for the spare change. It has some extra protection for the eyes and face and is a little more useful if there are serious chemicals in the air. It might be a little big for an urban bag but as something to keep in the car or even a BOB it looks like a good bet if you can spend a little more money.

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I have several military friends for example. They're all highly trained but unfortunately probably not so prepared. If they're willing to bring their guns and ammo in exchange for some good home camp stove cooking, I'm more than fine with that.

Also, to aj52, I agree that watching some good survival movies like The Road is a very good way to get people talking theoretically, while at the same time thinking realistically. I actually had to do the same thing with my fiancé. For the longest time he was simply convinced that survival came down to being mocho and having paint-ball guns on hand. Now we go through army surplus stores like an elderly couple hitting up antique stores.

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As will all things the best plan is always preparedness. If you are really in an area where you believe you will have to worry about taking in people or having unwanted arrivals, then prepare for it. I have always tried to plan my survival plans with my friends and family.

When you begin making a food storage plan for yourself and your immediate family, why not bring along some friends or family that lives near by and make it fun? Even if you don't have a family that's survival minded no one can deny it's good to have an emergency supply in case of a power outage or a large winter storm.

As far as neighbors showing up at your door step I think middle ground is always best. The artical on the real emergency fund I think covers all the basics on what to have on hand and how to handle a bartering type situation. I do think it would be key to not allow anyone you are not actually housing to know what kind of supplies and in what quantities you have them.

That being said though, I always think guns are the exception to that rule. I believe the more people that know you are armed and ready to defend yourself the better. Your neighbors who remain respectable will appreciate having someone around who's defending themselves, and those who don't will know not to mess with you.

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I've always been a bit of a survivalist. Literally from the time I was in Middle School I carried extra bottles of water, a 30' nylon rope, latex gloves, a face mask, and duck tape in my backpack. Recently with the general social unrest from politics and unemployment I've decided it's more important than ever to be prepared for the worst. My ultimate goal is to build a bunker just outside of town on the property of a friend of mine, but in the meantime I'm just working on getting about a 3 week supply of food and a garden.