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I think I could do something like this. It also would be a great help to me for my real life investing, because it would finally get an extremely nebulous and currently unpracticed (because of debt payoff) investing strategy on paper and into at least a trial run so that I could see where it would go after a year or two

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Consider me joined! I've always wanted to check out ramit's book, as I find him very interesting. I think in some cases he is right -- You can only be so frugal, but once you've done that if you're still not making it then push has come to shove. You need a second income source.

And the one thing I wish I had done in life with my finances was get out of credit card debt earlier. I kept telling myself I would but never manned up and did it until recently.

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I've definately got this done. Pocket smith does this well, if you've ever used that service. Most of my fixed expenses are because of my job: Truck payment, insurance, are the biggest, followed by rent, cell phone and utilities.

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This is a great idea jesse. Every time I have to clean out the fridge, I make a mental tally of the food that I'm throwing out and try to guess the cost. It does nothing but make me angry about the amount that is going to waste. One way I was able to take some of the guilt out of the fruits and vegetables is to start a compost bin. While they are still being thrown out and not eaten because they have gone bad, they are still being used to create some great soil for my garden next year.

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I think these are some very solid goals for age 30. Most people don't really worry much about their student loans in their 20's and i'm not taking that approach. After eliminating my credit card debt, i've started on my student loans. Being debt free (possibly not even having a mortgage) at age 30 would be a solid place to be financially at age 30. I'm planning on being there.

I also like your thoughts on starting a side business. Once I get my debt paid down, I plan to do this as well. I've got a little bit of spare change coming in from my blog, but I've got some other ideas in the pipes as well.

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I think you hit it right on the head with the advice to start with the lifestyle. A lot of people live the lifestyle that they dont even like or want, because they are too timid to go after their dreams, somehow thinking that buying that 12th shot of rum will help them.

I prefer a lifestyle that is fairly laid back, in which I wouldnt consume much, but what I would use/consume I could make for myself, and sell any extra that I didnt need to make a bit of money. Unfortunately, I cant begin this right now, but as you say, with patience, consistency and hard work (and knowing what I want) I can work now to lay foundation for where I want to be.

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Wow. First off, I subscribe by RSS and haven't seen the site in a while. I like the design changes, etc.
Second, I've always wanted to go to alaska. Have a great time.

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If you're talking about floyd's barber shop, I go there as well. I know some places offer haircuts for $11 or whatever, but I dont mind paying the $22 at floyds. The atmosphere is fine, and they do a fine job cutting my hair. I dont really care all that much about it, but like you said, you dont want to look like a fool.

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It sounds like your new diet is working well. One of the best things i've found that helps is that just not to buy the stuff in the first place. If you dont want to eat m&m's then dont buy any.

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This is a great article. I am like you, and often ponder what I can do to be my own boss someday, although I don't typically think of stuff to do online. I'd rather make something (and online work is still creating something) but im talking like handmade furniture or something like that. I really prefer to work with my hands than I do to write or other things with the internet. I think the most important part for me is that I dont have A lot of cash on hand and dont really want to quit my day job. Good luck with yours