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So which one is the evil twin? I'm still waiting for the day when 2 (secretly) gay conservative politicians hook up and then actually post pics of their rendezvous for all to see, somehow not understanding how the internet works. And then they will of course both say that they are not gay.

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I'm shocked she didn't say Elvis freed the slaves.

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i wonder how much insurance is needed to protect the x-mas decorations put up at taxpayer expense, you know, to protect their religious symbols from the dreaded atheists that keep waging war on christma$.

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Weird that banks get into trouble for robo-signing mortgages, yet here it is just fine. I'm not saying that banks shouldn't get shafted 6 ways from Sunday, but it's still strange.

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Tom, would you then argue that police trying to arrest a gang member have no right to defend themselves if during the course of the arrest the gang started shooting at the police? After all, the gang member that they are trying to apprehend has yet to be convicted.

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I shouldn't feel this glad when someone is killed, but i am taking a moral mulligan on this one.

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I think the one thing that could not be allowed was bin Laden's escape (again), and while many of us would have preferred his capture, his death will do just fine.

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someone needs a dictionary.

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can't it be both?

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Oh please. with the assortment of lunatics the GOP is putting forth, the re-election is all but certain. Sure, the prez has yet to do many things he said that he would, but you'll never guess what: Just about every single president since Washington is guilty of this one.

I'm votong for Jon Lovitz, because if we are going to be a crumbling laughing stock of a dying empire, we at least need someone who can make us laugh on our way to live under the overpass, as the wealthy throw leftovers to us thinking they are doing god's work.