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Good morning! Let's have some fun with a scavenger hunt! Go to Wizardchan and bring something back (use link, text copypaste, or screenshot as you like). There is no limit to the number of replies for any particular item.

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Damn! Why can't I take two Claritin when a 6 year old can have one?

You can, but save your money and buy a better antihistamine.

Schering-Plough pulled a fast one when they succeeded in getting Claritin approved as a non-drowsy antihistamine; it really doesn't behave as one. What they did, was lower the dosage until somnolence effects were just a bit below statistical threshold, but efficacy was still just a little bit above. Of course, this means that the dosage cap is stuck at that point (else they would lose their non-drowsy indication).

From what I've heard, the US FDA reviewer in charge was younger and inexperienced, which is how this managed to get past them. I believe some other reviewers have suggested that dosages would need to be as high as 40mg to match the efficacy of older-generation antihistamines.

Of the OTC 2nd/3rd generation antihistamines (note: classification of generations is not very consistent across expert sources), I would say Allegra (fexofenadine) has the best combination of efficacy and non-sedating action; Zyrtec is pretty good but has some mild sedating effects.

Then there are the corticosteroid nasal sprays, and some unusual agents such as Mast Cell Stabilizers and Leukotriene Antagonists, as well as non-medicinal agents such as saline nasal washes and barrier gels. But those are topics for another post.

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Might want to keep a low profile until Truffles the Diarrhea Dog news articles fall off the front page: http://gawker.com/cross-country-flight-makes-emer...

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It looks like I'm going to have to give Fat Idiot up to a shelter...

I'm kind of new here, is that what you call your spouse?

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Well, there's also the women who go on Craiglist to find a free donor, derp. Plus a while back one of these Craigslist free donors ended up owing Child Support after a court case.

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Well, sperm banks want donors who are tall, in excellent health, and have good qualifications (accomplishments in the fields of academics, career, or athletics). Other desirable characteristics (race, hair/eye color, other features) will likely track with the demographics of the bank's customer base; most infertile couples want a donor who looks like them. Probably a little bit more leeway for single moms.

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I'm glad you didn't decide to try to introduce us and the polyamorists to this site at the same time. Such a thing might have made for a fine troll, but I think my heads would have exploded.

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Mayonnaise--pro or con? Please don't say Miracle Whip.
I am allergic to eggs. :-)