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So you're an office goth too? Really I just almost always wear black. I have no right to call myself goth earnestly, I just think "Office Goth" is funny--but it's no longer my twitter name.

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The Americans is such a very good TV show and none of my friends have seen it despite telling them to for about a year now. I'm starting to be a dick about it. "You still haven't seen it? I told you to! Fuckin watch that shit and enjoy it you idiots!" Sorry I swear when I get worked up.

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After reading all these comments and having lived in a few parts of the US, both urban and rural, I've decided that raccoons are like people in that some are good and many are bad and everybody has various experiences with them. Hard stance.

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OH!! That is how he spelled it!! I'm such a clown and he was a visionary. (Not being sarcastic at all, just self-deriding for only now finding out his propensity for using text short-cuts) Anyway it's going on the side of my left butt cheek.

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Except it's obviously got to say "I would die 4 U" we're doing stick n pokes, gotta keep 'em short

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My buddies and I are giving each other "I would die for you" tattoos

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"You try something a little rougher one night..." Haha one night. What took so long?

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This post is so great, thoroughly enjoyed. I lol'd so much. I don't have any daughters so maybe I don't get it entirely, but it makes me lol anyway. Maybe because I have 2 sisters. Sharing to social media.

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thanks for the MyNoise link! As an acoustics consultant, this is right up my alley. I mean, my twitter/grammin handle is @soundandnoise.

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We interacted on twitter today AND I just got new shoes and the left one is digging into my achilles and I don't know why. So we have those in common.