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Does that mean Islam has won the Crusades? Only in their own sick brown eyes that is! The future belongs to freedom and liberty, words unknown to the Islamic world. Their smug smiles will soon be removed from their faces and replaced with happy smiles as they each gladly become APOSTATES OF ISLAM.

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Every discussion detailing ultimate dangers to America should always concluded with the words Muslim Terrorists. departmentofhomelandsurrender.com

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Sad as it seems it's another obvious example of attempting to close the barn door after all the horses are gone. Why must America always learn the hard way? Why can't we see the facts. Doesn't anyone study history? We are at war with Islam. Not a stretch. The Crusade continues. http://www.departmentofhomelandsurrender.com

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Sorry that my comments were perceived to be offensive.. Truth happens.. Prove me wrong if you are free to do so. Be careful, you are being watched.

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How easy it is to make light of a truly life or death occurance. Each individual life can be snuffed out for just the slightest perceived violation of a fictional law. Some life....some religion. Give me liberty any way you find it. I'll take my chances with a compationate God thank you.