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i realize everyone on this comment thread seems to think you're unentitled to be offended, but i really think it's worth seeing the reaction over at the Guardian ( ) ...a LOT of people are with you on this one, and frankly, i'm once again saddened that the elephant community seems strangely out of touch with that sentiment. he joked about quvenzhané wallis, a nine-year old girl IN THE AUDIENCE hooking up with george clooney. he joked about the domestic violence between rhianna and chris brown. he joked, yes, about boobs...SUPER funny and of course so very cutting edge. but a lot of the movies and actors he mentioned were portraying rape victims. i'm so tired of the same old excuses for this bigotry. so. flipping. depressing. thank you for writing this, amy. here's hoping you're right about next year, but i won't be tuning in.

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sososo funny...loved it to bits. dunno what on earth the emperor's on about. (only would say - i know plenty of hairy, chubby bears who do NOT fit the description "ripped"...hehe)

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looks like you've had a lot of love on this post, and rightfully so - soy is a bit of a problematic issue for sure. but i'm gonna have to disagree with you: "The form of the soy the Asians are consuming is fermented..." "the asians" is a gross generalisation. chinese tofu is not the same as japanese is not the same as filipino, and every country where people regularly consume soy has multiple forms thereof. japanese silken tofu, for example, used in the vast majority of everyday japanese meals, is not fermented. one can only find fermented tofu in the philippines, for example, in the chinese market, whereas standard firm tofu - not unlike what one finds in the u.s. or england, is standard fare in wet markets and grocery stores all over the country. also, @ruthie streiter, been vegan for 15 years and have to say that i firmly disagree that "being vegan is both dangerous for health and not beneficial to the earth." plenty of research has confirmed that a vegan's eco footprint is on average 1/10 of a meat eater's...and i feel great ;)

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ahem. best. comment. ever. you have officially made my day, vision_quest2! i'm a firm anti-diet person...i think it's just about changing how we eat...which is one aspect of getting in tune with ourselves (for which yoga has been like magic for me). thanks so much for your kind words.

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a comment from a dear friend who has been through the type of therapy soon to be illegal in calfornia: "I compare shaming and guilt-tripping a patient [to] endangering them, since hopelessness and a loss in dignity are key ingredients to self-imposed harm or violence toward others."


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oh, i'm afraid i can't agree with that...but i also don't think anything ends with death...dunno if anything ever "ends" as such. big questions, but i'm okay with those going unanswered in this lifetime ;)

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i couldn't agree more with everything you said. when i think about the ways a regular yoga practice has changed my life from the inside out, i can't help but wonder what kind of person would want anyone to go without it. having said that, we're all on a journey, isn't it?

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these are beautiful! can that last one be used on the face do you think?

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"the law of the jungle"? i'm done here.

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lori ann, i never felt like standing up for women's rights to bare the boob until reading the comments on your post! (the article was great, by the way) particularly unimpressed with austin and susan's comments...really hateful, ignorant stuff, people.