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So very glad I got a high society pass for BABScon. It's the most fun pony con I've been to so I knew I was going again, but this makes spending the money on a higher pass that much more worth it. I can't WAIT for April now... gonna be so great!

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So we're defending hit and run drivers now? All righty then.

I mean I see the point made, but cowardice and irresponsibility are NOT viable excuses for those who hit him.

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Ingrid is really cool. Loved meeting her in New Orleans.

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That sort of SJWism in *any* shape form or fashion is abominable. If he wants to support that kind of repulsive insanity, good riddance. Nothing of value is lost :I

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Hmm. Well that's unexpected news. A little ominous, but again, could mean good things. That said, I will miss the Hub, as we do actually get it at home, and it's literally the only channel I watch with any regularity. Ah well... as long as poni continues unabated and someone tells me where to watch it, I'm happy.

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Yaaaay, it made it on here. #98 reporting in

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GOD I love Flitter and Cloudchaser <3
And Celebi-Yoshi is a freaking godlike artist. And a pretty awesome friend. I really hope she decides to make this a print at Bronycon.

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For those complaining about the price, bear in mind it's very hard to get a FAN-made plush HALF that size for TWICE that price. You'd pay $300-$500 easily for a fan-made plush of this size and quality. For the record I'll definitely grab one or two of these eventually.

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I'm shocked the camping meetup for BoA was as wildly successful as it was, considering it was my first time actually hosting an event. Next time's going to be even more super awesome, count on it!

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And before someone complains about stereotypes, I'm from Alabama and I find the whole thing extremely hilarious. Despite my hatred of shipping - this is bound to inspire plenty - I loved it.