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I think the orange waterline looks awesome!

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Awesome eye makeup! Love it!

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Nice look, I loved Style Warriors!

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Love the blue mascara against the orange eyeshadow!

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Sweet! Good for you!

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Awesome! I really like the bright pink on the lid, it's a cool take on the traditional smokey eye. MMMMMMmmm succulent hard willies lol!
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The colours look nice bue I really am not a huge fan of unblended ingredients. However, I have tried some companies that had very small bits in them to the point that it didn't affect the application/colour of the product and this I don't mind. If I get streaks or uneven colours showing up, then I don't really enjoy it. If a company is going to sell blended eyeshadows, they should really take the time to ensure they are blended correctly. Thanks for the review!

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Oooh, love the colour combination! I am like that too, I just can't feel like my looks are "finished" until I add the liner and mascara. I also love the German name you picked for it!
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Love it! That lipstick colour is super awesome, and I really like the shimmery bronze on your lower lashline.
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