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First, thank you. I am glad that you like the design.
Second, I am actually using Wordpress with the zbench theme. I made some modifications on to it but it would be a good place to get started.

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Emailed you earlier today. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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I am glad that I could be helpful and thanks a bunch for your kind words. I try to make myself useful in the few ways that I can... :)

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Posted now! As usual, my brain went on a vacation for a few hours.

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Yeah, I have my doubts about Watson too. I would imagine, unless everything that I have read about him has been untrue, that he is a cocky and a morally void person.
But let's talk Rosalind for a sec. By Watson's account, assuming that he is not lying, Rosalind was very hard to work with and not exactly the friendliest person to have descended upon this earth. Even then, as you mentioned above, Rosalind had her inkling about the sugar phosphate chains and had the pictures but she could not connect the dots. She had put the picture-in-question aside and so it is a leap of faith to assume that she would have eventually determined the structure.
Regardless, she should still be appropriately acknowledged because after-all it was her data.

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Heaven didn't create the internet ;) I hope your ambitions come true Joanna. Good Luck!

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hi Mr. Singhal!

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I know dude. Trav emailed it to me and it blew my mind that it actially worked. I still haven\'t quite wrapped my head around it.
Do you know why the fish didn\'t die?

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Bereket, I had put together the information from knowing what I know about microbiology and from a bunch of different resources (even professors) to fill in the holes. So, I can not really give you a scientific source here. Sorry...
I did, however, find a detailed info pack from WHO (World Health Organization) about similar stuff, which should hopefully convince you.

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Thanks Alice. I really appreciate the correction and the clarification. I have fixed the site address. I knew about the centripetal force but didn't realize that centrifugal force is just the resultant force. That is why I never became a physics major and I'm glad that you did :)