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The visuals look good on this, but I have no interest what-so-ever in the game. How many times are people going to try weak sports collections with events most people don't give a shit about.

This will be the first Rare game in a looooonnnggg time that I will not buy. Sorry, Rare!

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My guess- Shocker: Two in the Pink, One in the Sink!

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I am a huge Phantasy Star Online fan, but they messed up Universe. This was a cool move, but not the right move. Lower the price for the subscription fee, or better yet, remove it completely. I would rather pay for extra content than pay a monthly fee for an "MMO" that is really only "massive" when you are in a lobby. Otherwise, the game is 4 player co-op.

I say remove the subscription fee, but charge for new missions. Put out a pack of five to ten every month for $5 to $10, and charge for some exclusive weapons, clothes and accessories. That way you have MORE avenues for earning money and more INCENTIVE for players to come back and try it again after taking a break. Also, you might get people who come back and buy tons of missions and content, in essence charging them for all the time the missed... if they feel like it.

What do I know though?

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I am not a supporter of the rush to go fully digital. I think digital is great for some things, but isn't an option that can get games into the hands of everyone interested in gaming. While I see PC going pretty much digital, I think consoles will always have an element of physical media.

I see someone like Sony trying to go full digital while I see a company like Nintendo entrenching and saying a firm "no" to ever going fully digital. I think Sony -or whoever takes that plunge- will get a harsh dose of reality.

What is the difference you may ask- Well the difference is that there is a good chance that most PCs will be connected to the internet, while there is a large segment of the game buying public who do not connect their system to it. I don't see that changing.

Early adopters seem like the most likely to be fine with full digital, but I don't see the more casual console playing gamers going that way.

I think digital will help push gaming into an even more of a niche, and would be devastating to the growth of the business.

That's just my opinion.

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This makes me think about recent quotes from the Ubisoft exec. -- "The decision is not theirs."

I think these guys sincerely hope this would not happen and don't expect it to, but if Activision demands it then it will. They have no real way to stop it.

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Did you add in a slot just for my comments? ;)

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That is why I respect this guy so much. Sure, he gets a bit overzealous about what he makes, but he will also be honest about it once his boner over how awesome he is dies down a bit.

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If you liked this article then you should read a few of my Bitmob posts-

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This guy doesn't have a chance with Kotick still out there. As soon as Activision begins to gain ground he fucks over another developer or says another asinine statement.

Good luck, buddy!

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As a fan of the game Seaman for the Dreamcast, and also as someone who is excited for the implications of Milo on the future of in-game character and personality A.I., I really hope that Milo pans out.

I understand why people get a bit wary of Peter's habits of "big talk," but you can't say the man doesn't at least try to be revolutionary. Can you say the same thing about most developers? I don't think so.