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All three of my girls cut their hair. I even got a call from the Principal of my youngest girl's preschool. When I got there , they handed me her hair in a ziplock bag...enough said. Funnily enough my post is about hair and little girl's too, but not quite so traumatic!

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This is very cool! My kids would have loved this and you haven't put a mileage cap on your offer, but I am guessing Georgia USA is a little far! Good luck.

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My girl is about to go into middle school (she's 11) and one of the many dress codes is that the girls cannot wear 'sophie shorts'. If you don't know what these are, they are the short, short, spray on shorts made of a jersey material. Yay, I thought. Then I found out that her P.E. uniform is a t shirt and....sophie shorts. There is something seriously wrong with this - especially since I have to pay for the bloody shorts!

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Nikki is the guest judge?! She has a great eye for a photograph - lucky I'm not in this for the chocolate...see you on Wednesday.

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I love Mia's knees in this photo - kids should hve bumps, bruises and scrapes - that's what being a kid and living life to the max. is all about...

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Just posted about this! Don't worry it's only a few lines....

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She is definitely old enough to have the concept of a brazilian explained to her!! She can be mollified by the shape choices she will have when she is older!

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Life would be bloody boring without Mia types (incidently like many other commenters before me, you described my middle child) . At our most, um, 'eventfu'l moments, I remember Eleanor Roosevelt's wonderful words - 'Well behaved women rarely make history'

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How wonderful! We have a great time with water too, geese and turtles and tadpoles...unfortunately we also have to look out for water mocassin snakes.

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All I can say with 3 girls further down the line than yours - give up on the fashion thing - why can't she wear wellies to bed?! and there's worse things than head to toe me on this one....