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Just thank you so much.

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Hi, I don't know how I'm going to read other websites now, but also I just want to say how beautiful the Toasties are given how all of the comments have been a variety of "we are so sad, this has been so important, but we understand and we are so excited for your future endeavors and lives" - that's true love y'all <3 i'll miss you dearly, Toast

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pretty sure that madame clairvoyant's horoscopes are almost definitely also maybe feelings (or things to mistake for feelings)

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Thank you, that was amazing.

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I'm also a legal amateur, but there are a couple of petitions going around to get the Feds involved (to bring it to a higher court of law). Here's one to finish up the federal investigation:

Here's another to bring it to federal trail:

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Hi, I have so many feelings!
First of all - The Toast is such a tiny world in so many ways. Last night, my new housemate and I were bonding over sci-fi/fantasy books we are/have been into and I talked about how ML'E was my favorite as an 9-10 yr-old (she actually found her way too religious). So coming across this conversation on my favorite website while procrastinating my math hw (because I was always jealous and resented Meg for having math be easy - I thought because I conceptually understood math I would one day find out that my way of getting the answers would work just like Meg's math tricks did, but they never did for me) for UC (academic home? of at least two of the authors here) by someone I went to high school with (Hi Johannah! It's Natalia, I don't know if you remember me, but I've been following your writing, because it's awesome) was just perfect.

Moving on, have y'all seen the AWIT graphic novel? I got it a couple of years ago and that's as much as I've re-read the book (read: looked at the artwork) since I was little. I'd be interested to truly re-read it, because I remember being frustrated with every one except the twins who just seemed like a whatever, but still feeling like they were so real to my understanding of the universe. The part of the book that I feel was so _elemental_ to my cosmovision and formation as a scientist is the part with Aunt Beast where Meg realizes that she can't describe anything to Aunt Beast because she understands the world from a visual point of view, and Aunt Beast doesn't have a conception of sight or light. It had a double impact of understanding that there are things that you'll understand in a way that you'll never be able to explain to someone who has a different point of view, but more importantly, that there are things that I'll never understand because of my own human limits (and as such, scientific reasoning). Whether it's religious or not, I think it's so humbling and necessary.

I would also want to re-read all of ML'E's work as an adult, because I definitely second a lot of the comments that talk about her work being their first exposure to LGBTQ identities but not remembering any of the problematic stuff, only the positive aspects. I still remember vividly laying on my red couch reading "A Severed Wasp" at 11 or so and thinking if my parents knew that I was reading about a gay priest, they would probably take the book away. I also have a strong association of my first feelings of sexuality with "And Both Were Young" but have no memory of what that was actually about.

OK LAST THING, I also want to defend "An Acceptable Time." The image of the chords connecting people across time and space was really relevant to me as a kid who never lived more than 4 years in one place and spent a lot of time with nostalgia both for people in other places, but also people and spaces in other times that I never actually knew through any medium that wasn't books/tv/movies/music.

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Please keep updated on how this plays out

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I have a similar question, specifically Chicago-land area.

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Yeah, I sent this to mine within seconds of reading the first vignette