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vegan aphrodite


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Thank you Laura!!! Ill make sure Ill do this too when Im back blogging!
I agree on the squash qith AB over chocolate cake :) A plain dark chocolate bar would be another story though ;)

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I so glad you are feeling better already! I was sick last week, and it was no fun at all!
Good food is the best medicin really :) I think thats why you felt better the next day- your eats looks fantastic!!
Have a lovely weekend :)

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You are getting so many good deals! I also always use eco friendly cleaning products. And thankfully, I find them just as cheap/expencive as the regular stuff!
My parents sold their house this summer (buuu :( ). But when we lived there, we had a huge garden with all sorts of veggis. My daddy loves to grow all kinds of stuff. We had kale, coen, tomatos, onion, cucumber, herbs, garlic, carrots, zucchini, berries etc.. I loved to go home and just pick whatever I wanted. My parents are building a new house now, and I cant wait for them to make a new veggie garden :)

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OooO, your breakfast is so creative!! And your dinner (and dessert!!!) looks so good!
Halloween isnt a huge thing in Norway yet, although it has grown over the years!
I really really cant stand scary movies! I get so scared! Like deep into my bones! I saw a scary movie a few years back, and I slept with my lights on for a half year after that!! Crazy, but true! :) Im easily scared though, so I dont need anything to make me more affraid ;)

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That breakfast looks like the best one ever! I can almost taste it just thinking of it ;)
I absolutely get obsessed with food, and eat it all the time for a long og short while. Ive been crazy about kale in coconut oil lately! And pumpkin. And nori sheets! And chocolate of course!
Happy WIAW Laura :)

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Happy Vegan Day :)
You did so great on Octobers goals! I admire you dedication to stick to your budgete- that is certainly not easy!! And you are still eating so many delicious foods!
I also find it so inspirational how you are balancing cooked and raw foods! I feel like my journey is everlasting :P But its oki, life will always change, so I cant set to many rules! I just have to go with whar my body tells me!
I havent set any goals for November! But Im of course always working on how Iv see food! Ill also be working on working as many hours as I can (I need money), enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, and meeting my friends more! Working out feels easy and good at the moment, so Ill just roll with it :)
Have a lovely November<3

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Good looking curry! I really like sweet veggies in curries to balance out the heat! Pumpkin, squah and sweet potatos are definentelly favorits!
Pumpkin smoothie sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Halloween :) Enjoy!!

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I always make a Christmas-playlist :) My faves are Last Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock!
I want you meals!! Ive finally tryed out sunflower butter, and now Im totally hooked! Cant get enough!

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This breakfast is absolutely beautiful! and how great is it to get spinach in that early in the day ;)
I know what you mean about working out in the morning! It is the best thing ever, leaves me with tons of energy, and time to do whatever I want later on! However, sometimes I have to do it later in the day. Like today. I worked from 9 to 5, and then I took my run. While it felt good to move, my legs were also crazy heavy from all the walking and standing i had done all day!

Yep, I Love mint! Mint chocolagte is one of my faves!

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I cant wait for the review on those products. I actually have the Linda McCartney cookbook, but I had no idea she also had her own brand!
Also, Ive seen the Booja Booja chocolates online, and I have been wanting to order them! I look forward to hear how you like them!
Great workout week Laura! Ive been a little more lazy this week than the last, but i have still had a few amazing runs, one personal trainer session, a long walk. And fortunantely there are still two more days of the week ;)
Have a lovely weekend :)