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How is it difficult to go through 30 emails if they're already approved by the pre-listeners and all you have to do is post them? I mean, I can't imagine you have a day job with this site's overwhelming success coupled with the ability to travel to both ends of the country within the span of two months for two different fan conventions.

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Work, or volunteer? Surely you get paid if you're working for EQD considering how much ad revenue the site likely makes. Speaking of questions and answers, in that vein, did Seth make you fill out a W-4, or are you considered to be independantly contracted?

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I don't understand why this fandom is so desperate for celebrities to cling to that even the glorified proofreaders are placed on a pedestal.

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Re-posting this link to an interesting article regarding this fandom's "love and tolerance" mantra before everyone jumps in here and starts talking about how bronies are never supposed to feel anger towards anyone ever.

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Follow W on twitter! Support X charity! Buy Y's new album! Invade Z site!

Personal army much?

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Running a blog with next to no overhead is hard work, I'm sure he needs some time to relax.

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It's all a marketing ploy; the more controversial the subject, the more people will click past the break and generate advertising revenue! Come for the cute, stay for the flames.


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I like turtles.

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Despite my typical vitriolic cynicism, this is one of the few reasons I still frequent this site; because every once in a while, you guys actually get some real news before the other sites. That, and the music.