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I'm sorry that your crush seems to be ignoring you! That sounds hurtful and confusing, especially after the high of kissing him. Internet hugs to you <3

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::helplessly laughing::

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I read this, and then I read another, and then another, and some of these situations are terrible but this adorable update will warm your hearts:

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I'm sobbing in response to this, and also to various points above (such as succeeding in structured college but falling apart in grad school). But, I have been tested for ADHD (only two years ago! While already having struggled in grad school for a while!) and found to be just fine, no attention problems.

I know this isn't what this comment section is for, but can anyone relate to this? What do you do if you have so many of these symptoms (e.g. we had a "no gymnastics at the dinner table" rule when I was a kid) but lack the common cause?

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Yes! I'm so happy imagining her amazement at finding the new clean towel and realizing that for the first time someone is going to clean up after her instead of the other way around.

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Yes!! I agree that it's generally unreasonable to expect to live rent-free, but if your friend the building owner tells you you can live rent-free then you can expect he won't suddenly come around trying to collect?

Also I think they did have a point about the tent city.

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Left-handed scissors ARE a joke! It's like someone tried to alter normal scissors, couldn't figure it out, and thought "well, if the scissors work equally poorly in either hand, that's close enough to left-handed, right?"

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This probably isn't what you're thinking of but is highly related: an open thread on Autostraddle last summer for bi women dating men (or bi-ish women, or bi women dating nobody, or....):

For me, a bi-but-not-always-sure-about-it lady with plenty of experience with men and extremely little with women, it was magical and so very affirming.

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A while back, I tried to apply that same rule to FTW and was rather confused for months before I figured it out.

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no, just cross-country on the golf course. I think Greek Peak skiing is closed for the season (sadly, but understandably).