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Timetravel/History Exploration

actually it works if you think that twilight is not visible/not actually there from luna's perspective and she is actually talking to someone behind twi (celestia) it's something often used in tv shows, especially in ones dealing with ghost or invisible persons.
watch the clip again and consider that the discussion is not between luna and twi but between luna and celestia, with twilight siting between them ignored by both

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considering that luna completely ignored twilight, i guess that that it could be that twi is in a memory/flashback and what is shown is actually what happened when luna became nmm the first time

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there is the castle of the royal sisters

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compared to the crap i see on tv, this is award winning stuff.
Heck I know there are at least three channels that have 24 of shows that could only be compared to Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.

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DHX Media you brilliant bastards
first you rustles our collective jimmies with the first trailer, creating the "this is so going to suuuuuuuuuuck" sentiment
and now this!? someone in the marketing department should be getting a promotion right about now

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Carrot Top is actually already part of the Apple Family, Look at APPLE FAMILY REUNION

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Vinyl Scratch become Octavia
Octavia become Vinyl Scratch they just trade places and everything is allright.
Mayor Mare becomes a competent and funny, that does everything she can for the town, yet everypony would hate her, and she thinks it is all okay.
Derpy becomes Assertive Fluttershy, and still causes less trouble and property damage than before and Mayor Mare is always there to clean up after her.
Snips goes to Snowflake and tries to become buff.
While Trixie become a confident and competent and talented unicorn mage, besting Twilicorn in a fair magic contest, and travels the world using her powers to help ponykind however she can.
None of them want to change back.

"Who said chaos is bad thing?" Discord said, looking at Twilight and laughing his ass off.
Twilight and the rest of her friends look in awe at how better the world is. Pinkie asks for a her very own pet cloud of chocolate rain, and Discord snaps his fingers, smiling.

Roll credits.

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she reminds me of kamen rider, or one of his many clones

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Twilight is simple either a mental ward or a high tech lab trying to integrate magic with earth science or something like that
HARD MODE: teacher
Rarity fashion, or art in general
HARD MODE: gem detector, set for life.
Shy: zookeper, vet,
PP: party planner, i am sure there still are children out there who would enjoy an talkin hyperactive pink pony that likes to eat cake and play games, somewhere
RD: no bucking idea, probably either join one of them or became a test pilot of something, since her body can easyly handle some g's
AJ: rodeo pony,