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I think she needs something else... Lyra knows what's up.

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I bet Pinkie was cheating. She probably saw the last panel.

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I haven't been following, but are people offended because there's someone cross dressing in a children's show, or are they offended in the way a cross dressing character may have misrepresented, or poked fun of, transgenders?

I'm of the belief that "political correctness" only gets you so far before you start going backwards.

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aaaaand it's broken

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"Your shark"
My shark.

♪ My little shark ♪

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I dunno. This was probably one of the episodes I liked the least this season. It felt a little rushed in my opinion, and the conclusion seemed like things were left unfinished. Seemed more like it was just an episode to have Gilda completely out of character so that she could redeem herself for the viewers.

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:| dat tank hat tho

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It's our fault. We squish spiders, but the ones too scary to touch remain unsquished. This allows only the scariest spiders to pass on their genes O.o

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Can we just have "hide season 5 posts" set to ON by default? Reasons being, it doesn't apply right away when you enable it, it doesn't help if you clear your cache, or are browsing anonymous, or if you're not browsing from your home machine, and most importantly, there's more damage in having things spoiled than having some inconvenienced by having the "click to view anyways" there.