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/me crosses fingers on this being some form of trolling and that it does NOT go the way everyone is expecting...

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I hope so too. These could be flubs or non-canon too - unless they have a "Freaky Friday" episode planned for Soarin' and Spitfire that ends up permanent.

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Trying to make additional progress with my fic.

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So, sound is echoey and tinny. Weird. Seems moreso on the right-side audio channel.
Also... Was that 3D-rendered stuff I saw? The animation team is branching (oh the pun) into new territory.

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Scootaloo has influenced me a lot. I actually owe a lot of changes I have made in my life to ponies or bronies, and Scootaloo is the center of quite a few of them. I recently wrote about a BIGHUGE example of Scootaloo and a song have affected my life so positively I have trouble believing it in retrospect. Have a link: http://tuxrug.blogspot.com/2012/12/my-favorite-so...

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My real face when Rainbow takes Scootaloo under her wing: http://bit.ly/YY1xaM


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I said it was made in three hours.

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"Made-in-three-hours rendition". The song isn't three hours long.

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That "Johnny Cash" has the same color scheme and cutie mark ask the blindbag pony Meadow Song.

EDIT: Ok, maybe not. Green vs blue eyes.

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My name in Gameloft is, of course, TuxRug. I just wish Gameloft Live ACTUALLY WORKED in my case... It logs me out anytime I go back into the game, which prompts it to ask me 5 times to log in again, each time I log in requiring the sequence starting again to get back into the game, and nothing ever gets tied in. Facebook doesn't work in the game either.

*sigh* Maybe I need to send a bug report instead of vent. I mean seriously, this has to work for me to unlock Scootaloo. What's the game worth if I can't put my favorite pony in it?