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You can get a good starter kit for less than fifty bucks, possibly much less depending on the brand and what's in the kit. It's up to you to determine what you think is appropriate for your relationship, but I think there's nothing wrong with the occasional "just because" gift.

As for the insinuation, just present it as wanting to get him something special to pamper himself. Or be a little more honest and tell him that he's a man now, and it's time to treat his grooming regimen like a man. Hopefully you know him well enough to have a sense of what would work best with him. Regardless, there's no need for you to feel like you are insulting him, and no reason for him to be offended by a thoughtful gift from someone who obviously cares about him.

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Yes. And it actually doesn't matter what your pigmentation is - everyone should wear sunscreen, especially on their face, every single day they step out of the house. It will prevent sun damage and keep your skin looking healthier much, much longer.

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I honestly forget sometimes just how many men and women, grown adults, cannot cook, and don't even try. It's been such a simple, ingrained part of my life for so long that it's jarring to realize how many cannot perform the simple act of preparing food for themselves. I realize that we live in a culture where prepared food is easily obtained in frozen form or delivered to your door, but *everyone* should have at least a few simple recipes they can make themselves or for someone they love. It's a basic sign of maturity, in my opinion.

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Sorry, I'm all for supporting the ideas of this movement - but "glitter bombs"? This is the best they can come up with? Maybe I"m alone, but it just seems so dumb to me.

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In 1999, all the pr0n sites still had the stick figure icon with the shovel that read "Under Construction!". Also, the naked ladies all had 50% more hair and 95% fewer tattoos.

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I bet he cries himself to sleep on his cold, hard bed of gold bars, comforted only by the large fake breasts of two dozen concubines.

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Spotted at the event: "Don't blame me - I voted for Lee!" bumper sticker.