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With even the approximate democracy we have in the US, the people share responsibility for what their leaders do. It's a complex topic, and it doesn't help to think that the people have no responsibility, with all the blame attributed to the leaders.

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Fred, Ukrainians are slaughtering innocent Russian patriots and Jews are slaughtering innocent Palestinians. Thanks to the US government.

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It's disgusting. All of it, including the fanatical assertions of identity, such as "Ukraine" or "Russian," etc. These are superficial differences among human beings. The simple scientific fact is that we are all the same thing, and any such distinctions are supported by stupid people whom their leaders exploit for their own selfish motives.

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Thanks Philip. I hear you and likewise lament.

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I'd say this extremely talented Zelenskyy guy really knows how to get attention, money, and power. I guess it's just what Ukraine needed, at the time anyway. And who are we to criticize anyone else?

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I understand what you mean, and it has validity.

My own way of understanding it is that Jewish leaders benefit greatly by the Tribe. Members of any close-knit group within a much larger open society will have inherent advantages over non-members. When the group's members are also instilled with strong desires to excel and dominate, the situation becomes problematic. The main problem is that the political aspirations of the group will rise to disproportionate levels and result in undemocratic representation. This distortion will cause pushback from the larger populace, sometime with immoral results. But the Jewish leaders take that in stride, and even the pogroms and holocaust itself haven't been enough to produce some kind of reduction in their drives to be at the top. Why should they change? The Jews killed are not the same Jews that set standards for the Tribe. I suggest the following article:

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Bishara paints a very harsh view of Israel, though for accuracy, he should say "Israeli Jews," instead of "Israel," because I don't think he's referring to the non-Jewish population there. His view is harsh because the truth is harsh.

Although he's quite inclusive of many different topics in the Arab/Jew conflict, one thing he left out is the fact that the Jews have even co-opted Palestinian food and now call it Jewish food. The only really Jewish food I know are bagels, lox, cow tongue, chicken soup, latke, and chopped fried chicken livers, which are not the foods on the menus of most restaurants in Israel. That's what I'm assuming, and correct me if I'm wrong.

But if we want to go deeper and understand how and why Israel exists, we have to know the details about how and why the Jewish Tribe exists, and the problematic nature of this existence in western, non-Jewish society. For that I suggest:

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Interesting that their own religious texts, if you believe them, say that they did the same thing to the Canaanites, because their G-d told them they could.

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It's a shame Pepe never learned how to write good English grammar. His excessive use of the passive voice muddles the main points he wants to make. But wait, is he really interested in a main point?

He doesn't seem to understand that the purpose of a sentence is to contain a clear statement, and that the purpose of a paragraph is to contain a clear theme that unites the sentences within the paragraph. His writing style many times buries the statement in the sentence and confuses the paragraph theme, if there is any.

It does seem as though he has insights deeper than most Journalists, but at the same time, I wonder how much of that is his effort to throw into the narrative everything under the sun that he can think about. Another writer with a similar shot-gun style is Matt Taibbi. Is the lesson here that Pepe wants the reader to believe Pepe is saying much more than he really is?

My suggestion to Pepe is to think more about the reader's perspective before he writes, and to write sentences that have clear points to be made. For paragraphs, clearly point out the theme of the paragraph.

Contrary to what many here might suspect, no, I was never an English grammar teacher. But I learned much from good English grammar teachers. Of course it was an ego busting experience, and I'm glad it happened in my early adult years.

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Hi Max, you claim that the money source behind the US Jewish Lobby is Israeli Jews. That means the Israeli government would have to give a hundred million or so dollars a year to Jewish political groups, who provide the political mechanisms for government influence. It's an interesting theory, and I haven't found talk about such a thing in my readings. Can you please direct me to any link that might help clarify the idea? Thanks.

I find it hard to believe though that US Jews don't contribute much to these groups. In my experience, Jews give much money for Jewish causes, particularly at the end of life, and in their wills. We know that Jews contribute about 60% of the campaign contributions to Democrats, and about 25% of the contributions to Republicans. That's mind boggling because Jews comprise less than 2% of the population. I believe these records are provable, but it's true that a Jewish PAC might itself be funded by Israeli Jews. I wouldn't put it past the Israelis Jews and their US Jewish henchmen on this side of the scheme. I suppose it's also possible that only the richest Jews contribute such monies, meaning that vast numbers of individuals in the Jewish community would not make much contribution. We see in the news that some very rich Jews make very large contributions.

In the end however, and importantly, the source of the funding is Jews, part of a Tribal covenant, which transcends any single nation.

Fundamentally, it's the US laws that are the real problem, and Jews - wherever they may be - are having a heyday in exploiting these defects to their political advantage. It's of course a disgusting practice of anti-democracy, and there are many other groups besides Jews that are damaging our democracy.

More specifically with Jews, this behavior is a notable illustration of the problematic nature of Jewish Tribalism.