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Pony Elizabeth is best Elizabeth.

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So the first half was good.

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Say what you will about Alicorn Twilight, it's certainly going to make for an interesting season break...

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Say what you will about Alicorn Twilight, it's certainly going to make for an interesting season break...

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Sweet Celestia, a Spike episode that I actually enjoyed. The pet interactions were awesome and Sweetie Belle was amazing! 10/10

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Pony thread appeared on the AMV Hell forum. Within weeks it was the biggest thread on the site and I enjoyed looking at some of the pictures and gifs that were posted. I ended up viewing a clip of 'Party of One' and was instantly hooked. The animation, the characters, the voice acting, it's was all just so... perfect. Over the next few days I watched the entire first season and the then brand new Discord episodes and I've never looked back.

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That ending was very... quick.

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I myself thought the animation on the Timber Wolves looked EXACTLY like the Command Wolf animations from Zoids New Century so maybe they reused the animation and that's why it looked off to you? Personally I thought it looked awesome but maybe that's because I got nostalgic.

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Overall a decent episode but from my perspective it never quite reached the truly excellent quality I've come to expect from the rest of season 3. Lots of little good parts like the return of Big Mac, Babs Seed and Granny Smith's reaction face but I honestly found myself wishing for certain scenes to hurry up because I already knew what was going to happen and what the grand moral of the story was.

Also am I the only pony around here that didn't like that song?

Ah well, there's still Rarity's episode to look forward to. 6/10

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Scootaloo isn't one of my favourite characters and personally Luna seemed like she was just making an appearance last season because she had to but in this episode, both of them were very well portrayed and Luna certainly moved up a dozen or so tiers in my 'best pony' list. It helps that she now has a dedicated role.

Also the Rarity scenes were PERFECT!