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Only a suicidal lunatic would give THIS school actual firearms.

Or someone who doesn't feel like waiting until their tiny megalomaniacal overlords grow up to conquer us all.

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Consider the following:

1: She acts impulsively, without considering consequences.
2: She performs dangerous aerial maneuvers without any regard for the safety of her non-flying passengers.
3: She was the first pony to buck a dragon in the face.

Whether an ancestor or alternate version, there is certainly a relationship. ;-)

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Oh, come on, Twilight's always happiest when she's studying!

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Perhaps there was more to it. We have from Celestia's lips that Twilight had the greatest magical potential she'd seen in years, and several episodes (most especially "Boast Busters") demonstrated her innate magical reserves. It could be that, for all of his knowledge and skill, he didn't actually have that much more actual power than most unicorns. While this would make his accomplishments all the more impressive, it would rule out the sort of "promotion" Twilight just received. I doubt that anyone, even Celestia, could just dump raw magical power into a pony to make them an alicorn, not unless you want to risk Bad Things happening. And it does appear that raw power is a requirement; Celestia and Luna literally move celestial bodies with their minds, and Cadance, apparently the least powerful of the known alicorns, can fill in for an entire city to power a defensive shield.

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Presumably, the same way they play the piano. ;-)

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Wow. Crystal Pepsi? Sombra WAS evil!

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Actually, the center part of the equine hoof DOES have nerves... the hard part of the hoof goes around the front and sides. Think of the hoof as a big hard fingernail, because that's exactly what it is, wrapped around and protecting the "tip of the finger." The stylized art style just doesn't show any of that.

Mostly because it would make it harder to "cheat" and show ponies holding objects in their hooves.

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Guaranteed louder than the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE!!!

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When they first offered the season 1 set for preorder, it was briefly the NUMBER #3 DVD ON AMAZON. It was selling better than "Hunger Games" shortly after that movie's DVD release. Sure, that only lasted for a day or two, but I suspect that Hasbro will sell enough sets to bronies to make Season 2 wothwhile.

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This is why lawn darts were outlawed! </mst3k>