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I don't write negative wine reviews, but I will contact a winery or PR person directly if I think a wine is flawed in some way.

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I was a French major in college and have taught French for 24 years. I had my first wine moment in Beaune when I was 21 years old, traveling with my classmates by motor coach back to Paris from the University of Provence in Aix-en-Provence where we had spent five weeks studying French. I had no idea of the significance of Beaune, I just remember staying at a small inn with the vineyards surrounding it, and the wine was flowing at dinner like it was water. It was like no wine I had ever had. So I would like to visit Burgundy, if given the opportunity, and create a new wine moment.

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I voted for you the first day. Good luck!

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Time To Drink Humor Greeting Card, #9, because I am working what seems like a million part-time jobs right now, pulled in lots of directions! At least one of my jobs is in the wine biz! Cheers!

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1st Century AD. Pliny the Elder and Martial both wrote about leaving grapes on the vine until after the first frost.

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I am also new to Southern Hemisphere wines, but here are a few I have tasted: 2010 Lancatay Malbec, 2010 Crios Malbec, 2011 Aresti Sauvignon Blanc, and 2011 Six Hats Chenin Blanc, Cheers!

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Spitting and not drinking two samples of each wine presented! Stick with the one you have and spit, spit, spit!

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I know this person who accidentally got drunk at one of her first wine dinners. According to her companion, she tasted not only all of her wines, but her companion's wines, too. Apparently she thought that those little sips didn't add up, but alas, they did! After the dinner, she only remembers being at the bar briefly, but according to her companion, more drinks were ordered and she ended up having to be almost carried down the stairs to where the car was parked. As for my friend, she doesn't remember anything after heading to the bar. So the moral is: little sips can can lead to trips and slips!

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Great post! I'm looking forward to my first WBC and meeting you, the master of 140-character mini reviews! PS. I'm not excited about driving I-81 north to I-64 east, either! But at least we won't be subjected to the hands of the TSA! ;)

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I live in Southwest Virginia and Norton is grown at my local winery, Abingdon Vineyard and Winery. There are only a few grapes that seem to do well in this area and that is one of them. This winery does a great job of producing decent wines made from Norton. I would hate to see local Virginia wineries lose their production of Norton grapes.