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nice comment

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israel being the greatest ally of the US is the biggest propaganda the zionists have come up with. can anyone name anything that would prove israel as our greatest ally to be true? hmmm. the fact is Russia and China ain't got nothing on israel when it comes to being the greatest threat and enemy of the US. israel has killed thousands of americans (9/11 victims, uss liberty, lavon affair, rachel corrie, tom hurndall, Furkan Dogan, etc.), israel has made the US destroy nations at the cost of millions of innocent lives and thousands of US soldiers lives. we have to unite and overthrow the politicians who are bought and paid for by the israel lobby and then deal with israel the way a pissed off superpower deals with a puny filthy communist rat.

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The fat retard Pompeo prides himself in carrying a book of myths and plagiarisms that most intellectually challenged people use to prove the existence of a deity that (or who) share the same emotions as humans and commit unspeakable crimes against his creations. Worse the book he reads is most probably a scofield bible that twists and distorts the original messages of of love and compassion the bible supposedly imparts turning it into a command to murder and slaughter innocents. This stinking bucket of lard is the dumbest diplomat on earth right now

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I think it's the fault of the mass media, making people, esp. in the 3rd world like the Philippines, dumber and dumber.

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Based from experience, I readily agree with you

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the universe will damn this world if israel and the people preserving this evil entity aren't totally vanquished. few realize it but hezbollah and iran are the most important organizations in the world, not Russia and definitely not china, that fight and will eventually destroy this satanic evil for the sake and salvation of humanity.

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they believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, so i guess we have to oblige them

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who's this bbc idiot trying to impress? he does not even provide any proof of whatever the hell he's accusing syria of. even his boss satan will give this moron a thumbs down

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for the truly aware americans, israel would land at the top of this list.

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well, if ejk's are good then what's to stop those people who are afraid to go out the streets at night from taking the law into their own hands and murdering those who they deem as addicts or criminals? the rule of law be damned right? also can you provide the link to your comment?