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Well, it's kind of cheating, but I saw mine in a dream: it's an iron butterfly, like one of Fluttershy's but out of smooth, unpainted metal.

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Okay, you made it all better for me. The MUFFIN CODE will not be betrayed! 6_9

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Tried it, it's completely amazing. Pity the rifle animation/standing don't manage to get overridden :'( But for the rest, playing as LittlePip and going around saving the Wasteland in first person (well, 3rd, but you know what I mean) is way more than satisfactory. I get all giddy when kids get interested in me now xD to think a pony roams the human wastelands... To me, it's the thing that sprung me to pick up Fo2 once again, and finish it for realz this time.

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And thus we discover the secret powers of earth ponies: LADDERS!

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That tattoo is three kinds of badass.

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Ah, a wonderful post. Thanks a million Seth, posts like this help to put things in perspective, and this since we're so awesome it defies internet conventions! :D
Joining the pony fandom was definitely one of the best things that happened to me, and for me, it was because of the morals. With the aesops of the show, I did (re)discover a lot of things about firendship that I peviousl had forgotten, and with it I got a little out of my shell. Plus it made me recognize what it really means to have quality in front of you ^^

To countless more years of pony! *cheers*

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It's always an enormous pleasure to have all the good bits of FoE refreshed in one's mind's eye hahaha xD So thanks for sharing this. :)

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I feel very lucky to have had the opportunuty to join the brony phenomenon at an early-ish date (before S1 ended) and I feel especially lucky to have joined the FoE fandom around that time. In particular, I feel honored of having provided feedback to the ongoing story, and having been there for when debate was afoot, for when the author asked for advice, and for when there was just random speculation to be made.

It has been a wonderful experience back then, and it has continued in even more awesome ways, with the development of a incredibly tight-knit community of writers, drawers, animators, plain friendly people, what have you, and even a florid base of roleplayers ^^ It's been an awesome ride all throughout, and it seems it will go on for a long while still :D

For all these reasons and more, a toast to the best fimfic ever! *cheers*